Your Story or God’s Story

sharing-your-storyThe Single’s Vision in 2009 is for everyone in our group to share their story of how God has changed their lives. There were many of you who had the opportunity to share the love of Christ with someone in your family this holiday season. For those who have lost ones in your family, my prayer goes out to you for strength this year. For those who are blessed to have a Christian family, may we all be in prayer for our friend’s lost family members. Whether it is prayer or sharing your faith, I urge each of you to “not grow weary in doing good” and may we see the fruit of our labor in 2009.

Questions for Comment

1. Is it harder to share with someone you know or someone you have never met?

2. What keeps us from sharing our faith?

3. Is it your story or God’s?

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3 replies
  1. jmitcham
    jmitcham says:

    Hey Philip,

    I think it is harder to share with someone I don’t know. I like to have a relationship built with someone and establish that I’m a believer. Then it seems more natural to share my faith.

    Probably what keeps me from sharing is not being around lost people enough and not having relationships with them. I’m also not intentional enough about going out to evangelize. And lastly, fear and laziness are probably the deepest issue.

    I think it’s both. It’s my story in the fact that it’s personal and it happened in my life. But it’s Gods story because it is the story of His action and grace in my life.


  2. youpdaddy
    youpdaddy says:

    The awkwardness of sharing our faith has been attributed many times to the fact that we, as believers are just different, but I would disagree. I believe that we should be careful not to shift blame to something that has nothing to do the fact that we are in the world but not of it. It is just awkward any time we share something that could breed conflict.
    I am not condoning anyone to go around and plant the seeds of conflict, but many times we can miss the opportunity to share the Gospel just because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. If my doctor didn’t tell me I had cancer because he thought it would hurt my feelings, then I’d find a new doctor. We need to point people to Christ who is the cure for the sinful nature….awkward or not!

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