Thursday Nights @ 7 pm Starting Nov 30, 2017

As more and more of you get your vacation time or winter break started, I wanted to let you in on a little last minute amendment to the plans.   As we have been listening to individuals and small group discussion after church, we realized that we needed something during the break between Sunday Nights and Wednesday nights and also between many of your school winter breaks.   As you well know we have done combined small groups in the summer and it has gone really well over the past few years.    In that light, we are looking forward to more of the same this winter break (and possibly more in the future).   I have decided to call these sessions “theBreak” since it is break from small groups and many students have a break as well.

In today’s day and age, your ancestry can be an eye-opener for who you really are. In the same wayChurch of Christ

your church ancestry is no less important. As a member of the family of God we all struggle to know
how we fit into this family tree and know how other leaves are connected to us. We are taking this
winter break to a look at how God has placed us, for such a time as this, in the history of His church and
this local body at Ninth and O. We will look at everything from giftedness to church history in very
practical way.

Nov 30, Dec 7,14, and later in January
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