Dear Church Family,

I have become aware of statements that were made public yesterday from siblings Hannah and Micah Williams concerning reports of childhood abuse from their parents James and Gina Williams. I am broken and saddened that Micah and Hannah and their siblings have experienced this horrific abuse. Within their statements were a list of churches and other organizations spanning several states with which the family had some level of involvement during those years and Ninth and O was listed as one of the churches. After searching our archives, we have found them listed as guests back in June of 2006. While they were never members of Ninth and O and never served within the church, our hearts are broken, nonetheless, to hear this news. I ask you to join me in praying for them. Pray for healing and pray for justice. I also ask that if you have any information concerning these reports to please contact the Jeffersontown Police Department with that information.

In Christ,

Dr. Bill Cook, Pastor
Ninth and O Baptist Church