College & Singles Weekly Update – February 15-21

BFG Registration Required …..but Weather Looking Great for Feb 28

It has been a bear of a week with weather in the single digits and snow and ice on the roads causing hazardous conditions for many of us.    Our tent has taken a beating and we are going to take a safety move by going inside for one more weak just in case there are any structural issues we cant see due to snow and ice accumilating on top of the tent.   Same bat time!  Same bat channel!

College will be in Rm 235 and Singles in the Fellowship Hall/Rm 114. 

Click Here to Register for College or Singles BFG at 10:30 for Feb 14.


Mid-Week in Mark starts THIS WEEK!!!

D-Groups are starting up in just a few days.    This spring semester our church is going through our pastor’s new book, “40 Days in Mark”.  The study starts the week of Feb 24 and ends on Easter Sunday / April 4.   Both the singles and college small group leaders are starting to contact those who have been in their groups in the past and figuring out times and schedules for their groups.  If you do not have a group please contact Jared Foxworth for the Singles BFG and Peter Holmes for the College BFG.   Click here to purchase the book “40 Days in Mark” for a special price for our singles and college students of $5.  This price is limited so get yours today.

College Group-  Day Retreat  –  March 20

Hey everyone! We are super excited about the upcoming retreat on March 20th from 2-10 pm. The retreat will be full of fun games, worship, fellowship, and preaching all focused around the theme of being “unhidden.” Retreats are always a great way to develop deeper relationships with your church family, so we look forward to seeing everyone there!   

Retreat is $20.  Registration is Open!

Singles Groups – Day Retreat – April 3

Mark your Calendars – More Info Coming Soon!

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