College & Singles Weekly Update – February 25 – March 3

We are Back in the Tent!!!

The winter thaw has come and the patches on the tent have been made for us to be back in the tent this week.   No registration is required!!!


The 40 Days have Started and Books are Here!

It has already been a great start to the 40 Days in Mark.   About half of us have met in our D-Groups and the others will meet tonight.   I pray that each day you are able to check the website for the days questions for the day and then share how God works in your life with your group.   Books will be available in the tent on Sunday for those who have purchased and for those still looking to buy thier copy.


College Group-  Day Retreat  –  March 20

Hey everyone! We are super excited about the upcoming retreat on March 20th from 2-10 pm. The retreat will be full of fun games, worship, fellowship, and preaching all focused around the theme of being “unhidden.” Retreats are always a great way to develop deeper relationships with your church family, so we look forward to seeing everyone there!   

Retreat is $20.  Registration is Open!

Singles Groups – Day Retreat – April 3

Mark your Calendars – More Info Coming Soon!

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