College and Singles Weekly Update – April 15-22nd

Sunday Night with Gentle and Lowly

Didn’t get a chance to sign up for mid-week DGroup with Gentle and Lowly?  Not to worry, join us for Sunday nights at 7 pm in room 202. We are doing a quick run-through of the book for the next two weeks.  

Sunday night reading schedule: April 18 (Ch. 9-17), April 25 (Ch. 18-23).


Covid Restrictions Lighten this Week

We are now at a stage where we believe that we can start lightening the Covid regulations on Sundays and during D groups!! With almost all ages of adults now able to quickly receive their vaccine, we will lose the mask while you are seated at the church (if you are comfortable doing so). We do still ask you to wear your mask as you move around the building and fellowship, or are within six feet of another.


Where are you serving?

Ninth and O is a church that believes that all of its members have a gift that can and should be used in the body to do the work that God has given us to do.  

One of Pastor Philip’s passions is for all college and singles to lead the way in this way of service. Covid has made it difficult up until now for this to have worked out (for both long-term members and new members) looking for ways to serve. However-as we start working to get back to normal, pastor Philip and the leaders will be looking for your help-so beat them to the punch by asking where you can help! Share with them where you believe you are gifted and they will be happy to help you find the right area for you to serve in. One of the best ways to get started is with our class called Next Step. Click here to register for the next class. 


Weekly Word-No Boasting and No Coasting

Brought to us this week by Dr. Hanley, one of our college BFG leaders. He provides us with a recap/more insight from the college BFG lesson this past Sunday:

In Romans 2, Paul explains our need for the good news of the Gospel. At the end of Romans 1, he describes the godless mindset of human beings. Even those without the law know enough about God to be accountable for their suppression of truth (Rom 1:18).

In chapter 2, he turns his sights on his audience, not using terms like they and them, but now he says you. Throughout the chapter he leaves no stone unturned, showing how you boast arrogantly, judging others for their sin and excusing your own. All the while you feel confident in your standing before God because you’re a Jew, or a Christian, or a Baptist, or a Bible college student, bearing the marks of circumcision . . . er . . . baptism and church membership. You focus on the sins of others, while your own sin rages on.

If you’re anything like me, it’s far too easy to take our salvation for granted, presuming upon the kindness of God (Rom 2:4), assuming that since we’re in Christ, we don’t need to think about our sinful hearts anymore.

Yet Paul makes it clear, from the moment of our salvation to the infinite ages of Jesus in glory, we can never lose sight of the fact that we’ve been rescued for a reason: to bring glory to the God who created us and recreated us in Christ. I am a sinner, and I have been rescued by the only righteous Son of Man so that I can begin to look like him and make him known (cough cough Image Bearer! cough).

There’s no boasting or coasting in the kingdom of God. Pride or apathy can’t bear the weight of this Great News that we have been given.

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