College and Singles Weekly Update – May 13-20th

Singles BFG to Kart Kountry


All right everyone! The Singles are going go-carting this Saturday, May 15. We will meet at the church at 3 pm for carpooling/caravaning to Kart Kountry in Shepherdsville. If you want to meet us there that will work as well. See you there!  Here is the link to find out what they offer!  


BFG and Service back to Pre-Covid Status Starting June 6


We have survived a summer of BFG on zoom, a fall of small groups on Zoom, a winter in a big white tent… FINALLY, we are going back to Rm 202 for BFG on June 6th! (and yes there shall be food!) Many of you haven’t even experienced what some of us know as a normal naobc Sunday morning.  We are stoked to show you!   

The only switch will be that our college and singles BFG hours are switched.  

College BFG will meet at 9 and the singles at 10:30.

We also will be doing more lunches after church. I know many of you have been doing this but our family is looking forward to joining you again.    

Thank you again for your faithfulness over this past year and we are looking forward to the weeks to come.


Summer Plans for College and Singles


There will be plenty to do in June and July for both Singles and College Students at NAOBC.  We will be doing a blend of Bible Studies and Fellowships starting that first Wednesday night of June. The final schedule is not out yet but there will be studies for guys and girls groups and combined activities about every other week. If you have any ideas for a great time of fellowship, please let us know by sending us an email at


Weekly Word: Disciplines, Habits, or Life.

Brought to us by Philip Brown, College & Singles Pastor.


I was reading an old devotional book this morning for my quiet time called Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. My Grandfather and parents always read this with their Our Daily Bread. The challenge by Oswald Chambers was pretty simple but posed a simple question. If I create a Habit of a daily quiet time have I actually achieved a better spiritual life?  The answer is not so easy, is it?

As much as I try to be disciplined for the sake of Holiness I can many times judge my personal walk by how many times I read my bible or even how many bible verses I know. On the other hand, if I don’t get in God’s word and take it to heart then the Holy Spirit can’t do the work it needs. Ugh!

So, as you try to get into a new schedule for the summer and covid diminishes- be sure that we all are in God’s word but also be praying for yourself and other believers to be transformed into His likeness.  Take longer walks, read longer passages and check up on people that you have not heard from in a while. May we all have the desire to follow the Lord and be drawn into a closer relationship with Him.


-Pastor Philip

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