College and Singles Weekly Update: October 13th – 20th


  • BFG (Bible Fellowship Group) Sunday Morning 10:30 AM, RM 202
  • Sunday Worship: 9:00 AM

KBC Women’s Conference:

All ladies attending the conference- please meet at the church at 5:45 pm this Friday.

Check the email you should have gotten from Melanie Cox!

Small Groups:

Our singles group will be dividing up into men’s and women’s small groups this fall, going through the Psalms.

Ladie’s group

Time: 7 PM

Location: 7600 Carmil Court

Men’s group

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: 9101 Leicester Court


  • BFG (Bible Fellowship Groups) Sunday Morning 9:00 AM, RM 202
  • Sunday Worship: 10:30 AM


College Night!!!

College night this Sunday! Please reach out and invite your friends to come hang out with us and get to know more college students!

Join us for supper, games, a brief lesson time (different speakers each week), and fellowship. This will be a wonderful time of getting to know everyone in our college group! See you at 6 PM this Sunday!

Time: 6-8 PM

Location: Room 231 (the youth room)

*Meal provided!!


Get ready for our college night on 10/31 (Halloween) where we are wearing costumes!!

Theme: come dressed as a pastor or a pastor’s wife from our church!! Start preparing your costumes now! We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

There will be prizes for the best costumes!!


Wednesday Night Discipleship:

Beginning at 6:30 PM

Adults will have the opportunity to serve with the Choir, attend Open Bible Study with TJ Betts studying the Psalms, or meet in Discipleship Groups.

Men’s groups will be using the book Disciplines of a Godly Man by R Kent Hughes, and women’s groups will use Disciplines of Godly Women by Barbara Hughes as a springboard to invest in one another’s lives.

For more information, and to register, click here!!

Check out our website or GroupMe App for more info regarding specific events!!


Our Week in the Word segment this week comes from Benjamin Nguyen, one of our singles interns and one of our missionaries at the Avery Apartments across from church (take the time to ask him about how this ministry is going and what you can do to support him in it when you see him at church).


“But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the fruit you reap leads to holiness, and the outcome is eternal life.” Rom 6:1


We often think of sanctification as hard work that takes sweat and tears to do. That is true, but what we often don’t think about is the end goal, or the Telos, of all of this work we do in the Christian life. Romans 6:21 talks about the end goal of sanctification are eternal life.


I want to challenge you to see Paul’s understanding of eternal life in Romans 6 carefully. The logic of the passage goes something like this. First, you have been saved by Christ by Faith. By faith, You are now united to Christ. Because of your union with Christ, you can obey God’s commandments. In obedience to God’s commandment day by day, you are becoming more and more like Christ every day. We are being conformed into the image of Christ by beholding his Glory (2 For 3:18) AND presenting our body in acts of obedience to Christ every day. That is sanctification.


The result of sanctification or being in the image of Christ is that we begin to reflect God’s image more and more. When we becoming more and more like Christ each day, we actually become better image-bearer of God every day. I would argue that the more you become like Christ, or sanctified, each day, you can enjoy being truly human and reflect the image of God better. In other words, God, our Father, has saved us and unite us with his Son, our Savior, for the effect or end goal of human flourishing. God works in us for his great Glory and for our greatest good.


So brothers and sisters, be encouraged, for God, your Father, has worked his grace in you to bring you into his joy and to eternal life. Let us respond to him by beholding and enjoying Jesus in our hearts and mind and by obedience to his good commands with our bodies.

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