College and Singles Weekly Update: October 27- November 3rd











Join us Saturday, November 6th from 6:30 to 9:30 pm for our annual College and Singles Bonfire/Fall Event. 


There will be Hayrides, Cornhole, and other yard games played around the light of the fire. We will cook hotdogs on the fire and have s’mores for dessert.

If you would like to help bring some of the items for the event. Please click on the link here!  


Sunday Night Worship:

Worship services on Sunday Night will begin November 7 at 6:00 pm.

Join us this fall for worship and the word.

We’ll also enjoy Building Community Nights on November 7, November 21, and December 12. Our first BCN is a Chili Cook-off! Do you have the best chili recipe? Let’s find out!

 Register here to participate and bring your best chili on November 7.


  • BFG (Bible Fellowship Group) Sunday Morning 10:30 AM, RM 202
  • Sunday Worship: 9:00 AM

Small Groups:

Our singles group will be dividing up into men’s and women’s small groups this fall, going through the Psalms.

Ladie’s group

Date: Mondays

Time: 7 PM

Location: 7600 Carmil Court

Men’s group

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: 9101 Leicester Court

Reach out to Abigail Johnson with any questions!


  • BFG (Bible Fellowship Groups) Sunday Morning 9:00 AM, RM 202
  • Sunday Worship: 10:30 AM


College Night!!!

Our final college night is this Sunday! Halloween + costumes!! Please reach out and invite your friends to come hang out with us and get to know more college students!

Join us for supper, games, a brief lesson time (different speakers each week), and fellowship. We will have snacks, food, games, prizes…lots and lots of fun celebrating our last college night of the semester!!

Time: 6-8 PM

Location: Room 231 (the youth room)

*Meal provided!!

Theme: ****We are no longer restricting the theme to come dressed as a pastor or a pastor’s wife from our church.

You can come as whatever you may like, as long as it is church-appropriate. If you have a question about if your costume is appropriate…don’t wear it. Start preparing your costumes now! We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

There will be prizes for the best costumes!!

If you would like to bring an appetizer, chips, drinks, dessert…or if you would be willing to come early to help set up/ decorate, please reach out to Alexa Knight!! We need your help to pull off this event!


Wednesday Night Discipleship:

Beginning at 6:30 PM

Adults will have the opportunity to serve with the Choir, attend Open Bible Study with TJ Betts studying the Psalms, or meet in Discipleship Groups.

Men’s groups will be using the book Disciplines of a Godly Man by R Kent Hughes, and women’s groups will use Disciplines of Godly Women by Barbara Hughes as a springboard to invest in one another’s lives.

For more information, and to register, click here!!

Check out our website or GroupMe App for more info regarding specific events!!


Our Week in the Word segment this week comes from Alexa Knight, our college intern who goes above and beyond planning and organizing much of what happens in our college group.


The first part of Acts chapter 3 tells the story of the lame beggar who sat outside the temple gates. This man was lame from birth and had to be carried out to the gates of the temple every day. He would ask people for Alms (money or food given to the poor) as they entered the temple. On this day, he encounters Peter and John. Acts tells us that as Peter and John entered the temple the lame beggar speaks to them, asking for alms.

How many times have we all been confronted with a situation like this? I know that almost every time I drive down the road or go anywhere, it would not take long to encounter a homeless person asking for food or money. It’s a situation we all know, and a situation we see Peter and John face in Acts chapter 3. Peter and John were about to enter the temple.. going to worship the Lord. On a mission, they had somewhere to be. Usually, this is us too! Maybe not going to the temple, but usually going somewhere. In a rush to get to the next place it’s easy to brush off the people who want our attention. This doesn’t just apply to the homeless man or woman we see on the side of the road, but anyone who might not fit our schedule.

So what is their response to this lame beggar at the gates of the temple? As they are on their way inside the temple Acts 3:4 says both Peter and John directed their gaze at this man. Such a simple phrase with so much love and meaning. They looked at him. They acknowledged him. They gave their attention to him. Something he most likely hasn’t gotten much his entire life. Then, after directing their gaze to the man and asking for his in response, Peter and John offer him something more precious than silver or gold. More than food or drink. They offer Him Jesus Christ.

It’s common to see miracles coupled with gospel proclamations in the Bible. We often see physical needs being met with spiritual renewal. Peter and John told this man of Jesus Christ, The Christ, and then healed his lame legs in Christ’s name! His faith growing. In Acts 3:6 Peter says he doesn’t have much, but what he does have he gives to him.

What are the takeaways from this?

First, oftentimes the best thing we can offer people that come into our lives is our attention and love. Maybe this doesn’t mean the homeless man or woman on the road, and maybe it does. Maybe it means the girl on your dorm hall that you don’t quite think is cool enough to be intentional with. Maybe it means the neighbor next door who you run into often but have yet to extend a hand in friendship. Maybe it’s the classmate you have 3 classes with this semester and the Lord keeps crossing your paths. Maybe it’s the customer who comes in every day, or the lady who is swiping your groceries at the store. Maybe this looks different for all of us: but who has the Lord placed in our life right now, today, tomorrow, that we need to direct our gaze towards? Who can we show the love of Christ to by being a friend?


Second, even when it feels like you have nothing to offer, no money or miracles, no food or clothes, direct your eyes to your Father, the worker of miracles every time someone comes to Him in Faith, and remember your salvation! Brothers and sisters, be encouraged to help the poor and needy in physical ways if you can, but remember the gospel! The gospel is precious, finer than silver or gold. It is life in Christ and it is worth sharing with others!

You have much to offer others because you know Jesus Christ!

Sometimes gospel opportunities come about by simply directing our gaze at others around us and speaking a good word for the Lord. Sometimes it just takes us looking, slowing down a bit, and turning our eyes towards. Who can we direct our gaze towards today?

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