College and Singles Weekly Update: November 23rd- 30th

Sunday Night Worship:

Worship services on Sunday Nights at 6:00 pm.

Join us this fall for worship and the word.


  • BFG (Bible Fellowship Group) Sunday Morning 10:30 AM, RM 202
  • Sunday Worship: 9:00 AM

The Men will be going through a men’s leadership study on how to be a Godly leader in a four-part series. This study is designed to help men grow in their ability to be Godly leaders in the church, their work/school, their families/relationships/friendships, and in the community. 

The next men’s group will meet on December 5th. 

Location: Going shooting- text Philip to reserve your spot!!

Contact Pastor Philip if you have any questions:


The women will be going through a study on Hospitality. This study by Carolyn Lacy is designed for the ordinary person and gives 7 ways to “welcome like Jesus”. The book called Extroidianry Hospitality can be purchased at Amazon here.

Location: Jenna’s house (check GroupMe for address)

Time: 6:30

Contact Melanie Cox if you have any questions:


  • BFG (Bible Fellowship Groups) Sunday Morning 9:00 AM, RM 202
  • Sunday Worship: 10:30 AM

Serving During the Break:

Well, College Night was a hit! What a great time of fellowship we enjoyed coming out of the Covid shutdown. Now it is time to do something that many of you have desired to do while on break and even next semester. You want to serve!!

The college group will be doing some service projects during the winter break.

We are planning to do these every other week till we start back Wednesday nights at the end of January. Our plan is to do 2 service projects that are around the church and then do 2 projects that serve the community. We are also looking to partner with some other BFGs. Times and dates for the other 3 are going to be posted soon. 

Our Week in the Word segment this week comes from Philip Brown, our college and singles Pastor.

A Thanksgiving Message:

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is here.  For you students who have been so focused on finishing up papers and preparing for finals, you can take a breather. And for most of us who take a breather from school and or work at least a day or two this week, let us be sure to not take a breather from our walk with Christ. Just like retirement doesn’t mean we stop being a good believer, we don’t stop believing and serving our savior during our “time off”.   

My family will fight to keep our devotions and personal quiet times strong around vacation from school for the kids and a week-long vacation for all of us in South Carolina. We have just made a transition from the book of Philippians to the book of Psalms. We went there this week due to how much we see thankfulness embedded into the heartbeat of the book. The perfect chapter for us to start in is Psalm 136. Here we see the phrase “His steadfast love endures forever” repeated. The bookends of this Psalm has another phrase, “Give thanks to the Lord.”

If you have time to share with your family or friends on Thursday, here is a good place to get a kickstart of what we should be thankful for to God. 

Verse 1 reminds us that no matter what, God is good. Then in the next few verses, we are reminded He is the Lord of lords and God of gods.  The end of the chapter in verse 26 caps the book by saying he is the God of heaven. If you just see these 4 verses as what David is thankful for, you miss that the other 22 are also things about God we should be thankful for.   

These verses really tell the history of God’s provision to His people and affirm the truth that is repeated, “His love endures forever”.

This is a good example for us. Maybe this can be a jumpstart for us to be more thankful. We too can take time to list what God has done for us to this point in our lives in some one-liners and then stating “his love endures forever”. I have attempted to do one for myself as an example for you and those you might share this with around your thanksgiving table on Thursday:

He has given me health and life

His steadfast love endures forever

He has given me salvation from my sins 

His steadfast love endures forever

He guides me to shepherd by his spirit and word

His steadfast love endures forever

My wife and children give me joy and encourage my heart

His steadfast love endures forever

Give thanks to the Lord

For His steadfast love endures forever


Have a great Thanksgiving

Pastor Philip

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