College and Singles Weekly Update: December 1st – 8th

Sunday Night Worship:

Worship services on Sunday Nights at 6:00 pm.

Join us this fall for worship and the word.

Women’s Christmas Gift Exchange!!

Date: This Saturday, December 4th

Time: 9 am- noon

Location: At church

What to bring: Six gifts, unwrapped!

All women near and far – ages 6th grade and up. We encourage you to bring your friends, co-workers, and neighbors, especially those who wouldn’t otherwise come to a church event.

What do I need to bring? Six gifts, unwrapped. Your gift should all be the same type but can be of various colors, sizes, etc.

Don’t miss out on the fun, food, fellowship, and gifts you get to take home!
The event is FREE, but registration is required.

Register HERE TODAY!

Christmas Open House at the Brown’s:

Date: This Saturday, December 4th

Time: 5-9

Location: The Brown’s house (4209 Breckenridge Lane, two doors down from church)

All college and singles welcome!! Come for an hour or so just to say hey, but don’t plan to stay the whole time!

Watch the video below to hear from Philip and Chanda about the open house gathering at their place:


1916 Shop:

The 1916 Shop will be open on December 5! We will set up in room 106 that morning (right off the Main Lobby). Come by and stock up on NAOBC gear. We will have a special on our T-shirts with a certain percentage of the sale going to our Great Commission Offering! You can always visit the 1916 Shop online 24/7.

Evangelism Class – Take the Step:

Have you ever wanted to share the Gospel but didn’t know where to start? Would you like to have a plan for turning normal conversations into spiritual conversations? Whether you’ve been a Christian for years or just a few weeks, we have the answer to help you Take the Step in sharing your faith with others. Our Take the Step class covers how you can share the good news about Jesus naturally in your daily conversations.

Date: December 5th

Time: 9-10:15 am

Click here to register today!


  • BFG (Bible Fellowship Group) Sunday Morning 10:30 AM, RM 202
  • Sunday Worship: 9:00 AM

The Men will be going through a men’s leadership study on how to be a Godly leader in a four-part series. This study is designed to help men grow in their ability to be Godly leaders in the church, their work/school, their families/relationships/friendships, and in the community. 

The next men’s group will meet on December 5th. 

Location: Going shooting- text Philip to reserve your spot!!

Contact Pastor Philip if you have any questions:


The women will be going through a study on Hospitality. This study by Carolyn Lacy is designed for the ordinary person and gives 7 ways to “welcome like Jesus”. The book called Extroidianry Hospitality can be purchased at Amazon here.

Location: Jenna’s house (check GroupMe for address)

Time: 6:30 pm

Contact Melanie Cox if you have any questions:


  • BFG (Bible Fellowship Groups) Sunday Morning 9:00 AM, RM 202
  • Sunday Worship: 10:30 AM

Serving During the Break:

The college group will be doing some service projects during the winter break.

Our next service project is coming up!!

Date: December 8th (Wednesday)

Time: 6:30 PM

We will be doing some care packages and praying for a group of ladies that do a Bible study that day. You won’t want to miss this sweet time of being able to serve alongside the college group and serve our church body!!


Our Week in the Word segment this week is a repeat from early August and is from Nick Braun who serves in our College Group. It is a timely reminder that is good for us to remember over and over again.


One of my favorite musicians is John Mayer. I rediscovered him during my freshman year of college and listened to him religiously for most of my early twenties. One thing that makes him so intriguing to me is the sense of longing in his music. Although he is rich and successful, his music is full of wondering if something, or someone, has passed him by.


Questions like these plagued my college days and, to some extent, plague me still. I think many of us wonder if we have done the things we were supposed to do in life. Are we on the right track for our degree? Have we done enough to score our dream job when we graduate? Will we ever find that perfect someone? Or the perfect car? Or the perfect house? Our culture pushes us to compare ourselves to our peers. Our parents push us to live a better life than they did. We have countless competing voices telling us who we should be.


Our current study in the book of Proverbs has addressed these concerns head-on. While the world wants us to chase after material wealth, earthly pleasures, and the recognition of man, the author of Proverbs tells us that our main focus should be on the attainment of Godly wisdom. We are instructed to seek it out like silver or hidden treasure (1:4). We are given the imagery of clinging to wisdom as one clings to their precious bride. We are then promised God’s blessings if we seek after his wisdom and his heart (8:15-21). Jesus reiterates this in Matthew 6. We are told to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (6:33) 


In our best moments, we know these things are true. But there are still times when we wonder what path we should take in life or if we have missed out on a path that God wanted for us. While our search for answers should always begin in the Bible, sometimes the answers aren’t as clear as we would hope. This is exactly why being part of a church is critical. Godly brothers and sisters (younger, older, or similarly aged) can offer us wise counsel based on Biblical truths and their lived experiences. While John Mayer has attempted to find solace in wealth and success, we can find peace in receiving the wisdom God has granted our brothers and sisters in Christ.


So, plug into a Wednesday group with a senior adult and a middle-aged parent. Serve in our youth group.


Commit yourself to the local church and you will find God faithful to his promises.

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