Jesus Returns to Heaven: Final Words and New Beginnings (Luke 24:36–53)

A Long Walk in the Wrong Direction and How to Get Turned Around (Luke 24:13–35)

A Peculiar Death, an Empty Tomb and a Risen Savior (Luke 23:46–24:12)

Three Words, One Savior (Luke 23:33–49)

Who’s Speaking into Your Ear? The Son of God Condemned for Insurrection (Luke 23:1–25)

Stricken By God: God’s Mysterious Plan for the World’s Salvation (Luke 22:54–71)

When Darkness Seems to Reign (Luke 22:39–53)

When Life Begins to Fall Apart (Luke 22:24–38)

A Traitor, the Savior, and the Supper (Luke 22:1–23)