Why God Values Generosity…and We Should Too! (Philippians 4:15–23)

“Hakuna Matata?” Finding Our Contentment in Christ Wherever We May Be (Philippians 4:10–14)

Jesus, Christmas, and the New Exodus (Matthew 2:13–23)

Joy and Peace in a Turbulent World (Philippians 4:4–9)

Handling Conflict: The Key to Long–Lasting Relationships (Philippians 4:1–3)

A Citizen of Heaven in a Foreign Land (Philippians 3:17–4:1)

Determination and Focus: Keys to Spiritual Growth (Philippians 3:12–16)

Changing Perspectives: The Joy of a Consuming Passion (Philippians 3:4–11)

Changing Perspectives: The Joy of a Consuming Passion (Philippians 3:4–11)
Dr. Bill Cook

1. Sincerity is not enough: When an advantage becomes a disadvantage (3:4–6)

     A. Advantages by heritage

     B. Advantages by religious attainment

     C. What do people often mistakenly base their salvation on today?

2. Faith in Christ: When spiritual impoverishment meets God’s provision! (3:7-11)

     A. A dramatic change in perspective (3:7–8)

     B. A consuming passion (3:9–11)

The Joy of Salvation (Philippians 3:1–3)

The Joy of Salvation (Philippians 3:1–3) – Dr. Bill Cook

  1. A Wise Encouragement: Rejoice in the Lord (3:1)
    1. Beware of the dangers of joylessness
  2. Tough Words in an Age of Tolerance: When holding your
    tongue endangers others! (3:2)
  3. Marks of true believers: Worship, Glory, and Confidence (3:3)

Serving in the Trenches (Philippians 2:19–30)

  1. A servant’s hope must be anchored in Jesus and not their circumstances (2:19a, 24)
  2. A servant is more concerned about people than projects and recognition (2: 19b–21)
  3. A servant must be willing to play “second fiddle” (2:22–24)
  4. Servants need to develop deep, long-standing friendships (2:25–28)
  5. Servants should be given proper regard and appreciation (2:29–30)