United We Stand . . . Divided We Fall (Philippians 1:27–30)

I. Consistency: Live a life worthy of the gospel (1:27a)
     “We live what we truly believe . . . all the rest is just religious talk”
II. Cooperation: Be a part of the gospel church (1:27–28a)
     1. A Defensive Posture: “Stand firm in one spirit”
     2. An Offensive Advance: “Contending as one man for thefaith of the gospel”
     3. A Victorious Attitude: “Without being frightened”
III. Confident: Reassurance in the battle (1:28b–30)
     1. Victory is Assured: “. . .that you will be saved and that by God” (1:28b)
     2. Double Assurance: “for it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ. . . ” (1:29–30)

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