The Kingdom of God and the Kingdoms of the World: Snapshots of Opposites (Luke 9:43–56)

What Is Your Philosophy of Life? (Ecclesiastes 1:16–2:26; 12:13–14)

Christianity Is Christ: The First Christian Sermon (Luke 2:22–41)

Two Stories, One Savior: Mountain Top Glory, Real World Ministry (Luke 9:28–43)

Gain the World, Lose Your Soul: Jesus Matters Most (Luke 9:18–26)

Missions, Miracles, and the Savior (Luke 9:1–17)

Jesus Crushes Disappointment and Despair (Luke 8:40–56)

Jesus’ Authority Over Evil Powers (Luke 8:26–39)

A Letter from God: How to Live in Exile until You Go Home (Jeremiah 29:1–14)

Missions: A Core Value Today and Tomorrow (Matthew 28:16–20)