For the past 18 years, the apartment complexes across Breckenridge Lane have been a focus of Ninth & O through big events and programs. Over this time period, we’ve had hundreds, if not thousands, of residents on our property through events like Upward Soccer, VBS, Fall Fest, and Backyard Bible Clubs. Our desire with the Apartment Ministry is to build even deeper relationships with those across the street through more intentional ministry. Our ministry launched in June 2021, and we have already begun to see God’s hand at work in many lives.

There are four components to this ministry.

  1. Apartment Missionaries – We currently have two missionaries (Ben Nguyen and Timothy Babatunde) living at The Avery apartment complex. These missionaries take the lead by planning events, coordinating Bible studies, and leading a ministry team called the Core Team.
  2. Core Team – The Core Team is a group of Ninth & O members who have a heart for people and evangelism. This team helps in executing events, praying for residents, and implementing future events with volunteers.
  3. Events – Events happen once a month and include activities such as cookouts and serving doughnuts and coffee at the bus stop.

Think you might be interested in volunteering with the Apartment Ministry? Contact Ben Nguyen for more info.