J. and S.

Location: East Asia
BFG: Seniors
Organization: Undisclosed

Four children: two boys and two girls

Ministry Description: Our cluster exists to glorify God and serve our East Asia affinity by Encouraging, Equipping, and Empowering our personnel and national partners to holistically, competently and effectively engage in God’s Great Commission so that those we serve will come to know and worship Jesus Christ as Lord. Our work includes overseeing 6 teams that work in the following areas:

  • Training of all existing M’s in East Asia
  • Theological and general training for nationals
  • Online engagement including widespread seed sowing
  • Scripture planting among unreached people groups

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for wisdom from above (James 3:17) as we seek to lead multiple teams and have many decisions to make on a daily basis. Ask that we will daily listen to God, cling to His Word, and rely upon His sufficient grace to sustain us.
  • Pray for the many lost that we live among who visibly make sacrifices of fruit, burning incense, and other items to their false gods. Ask for open mouths and boldness to speak forth the truth of the gospel. Ask for open hearts to repent and believe

Email: Contact Pastor Blake for more information.

Anthony and Mary Basaba

Location: Uganda
BFG: Intermediate Couples 4
Organization: Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS)

Four children: Solomon, Ruth Annet, Hannah, Micah

Description of ministry: Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS) as a ministry focuses on strengthening the church and discipling the community for Christ. Through SOS, the Basaba family focuses on discipling, reaching out, empowering, and loving the local community through events, education, evangelism, medical care, mercy and disability ministries. All of their ministry is pointed toward Christ and the local church.


  • Prasy for the salvation and adoption of three of our children, continued unity and growth in love and wisdom relating to each other in our home and with others.
  • Pray our church would be able to meet soon and that lives and families are changed by the gospel for his kingdom. Also pray for SOS to produce strong local leaders with heart for Christ and the Church.

Email: ambasaba@sosministries.com

W. Family

Location: Northern Africa and Middle East (NAME)
BFG: Young Couples 7
Organization: Undisclosed

Two children: one boy and one girl

Description of ministry: We lead the Research and Training Team for NAME. Our team oversees and coordinates research projects into NAME people groups and also leads trainings for our personnel and partners in: language, evangelism, discipleship, church planting, leadership development, etc.


  • Pray for us to have creative ideas as we continue to do our work but with a lot of travel restrictions due to Covid-19.  Praise God that, even in this time of uncertainty, there are new believers being born in many places of NAME.
  • To join us in committing to pray for people groups in NAME, please download a simple app we have had developed, both for Android and Apple devices.  It is called Pray4Name

Email: Contact Pastor Blake for more information.

Brian and Tiffany Farrar

Location: South Dakota
BFG: Advanced Couples 2
Organization: First Baptist Eagle Butte

Description of ministry: Ben and Tiffany Farrar minister to the Lakota Native American Tribe on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota. Ben pastors a church there, teaches Lakota language at the Christian school and both he and Tiffany concentrate their efforts on reaching the children of the area through education.  Tiffany is also very passionate about teaching women to learn more about God’s Word.


  • Pray for a massive, culture-transforming movement of the Holy Spirit on this reservation, moving all of its people to press into the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Pray that God will grant us strength, endurance and spiritual faithfulness, so that God will be pleased with our service.

Email: missedelen@aol.com

Adam and Andi

Location: Southeast Asia
BFG: Intermediate Couples 4
Organization: Undisclosed

Four children: Anna Katherine, Anderson, Abraham, and Adalynn

Description of ministry: Mobilizing and equipping local churches to reach out to unreached people groups.


  • Pray that local believers would be bold in the gospel – that ethnic, social, and legal issues concerning outreach among their unreached neighbors would not keep them from their biblical responsibility
  • Pray for Adam to find a long-term visa solution soon

Email: Contact Pastor Blake for contact information.

J. and N.

Location: Western Europe
BFG: Young Couples 6
Organization: Undisclosed

Three children: two boys and one girl

Email: Contact Pastor Blake for more information.

Brandon and Krystle Leach

Location: Argentina
BFG: Intermediate Couples 1
Organization: Reaching & Teaching (RTIM)

Two children: Mya and Malachi

Description of ministry: We desire to provide theological training and leadership development in Córdoba, Argentina. Long-term, we hope to facilitate a church planting network across Argentina, so that the gospel might take root among the many villages that have no gospel presence in the valleys of the Andean mountain region, near the Chile and Bolivia borders.


  • Pray for the pastors in the villages of Misa Rumi and Humahuaca. We have started training sites there but we haven’t been able to travel there for several months to see the pastors.
  • Pray for the discipleship of our children Mya (11) and Malachi (8).

Email: leachfamily@reachingandteaching.org


Location: Illinois
BFG: Singles
Organization: Pioneers

Description of ministry: Our church-planting team at the University of Illinois seeks to show sincere hospitality to internationals from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds, in the context of the local church. Our hope is for International Church to be biblically faithful, welcoming, approachable, and reproducible—especially for those who may return in the future to home countries with no established church.


  • Pray that my team and I will be faithful to the Bible in our methodology and our message, and that the Lord will give us creativity and open doors to connect with many international students, especially in this unusual season.
  • As I mentor American volunteers and meet individually with internationals for evangelism and discipleship throughout the week, pray that God will sustain me and give me boldness, love, and wisdom for the work.

Email: elliegoeseast@gmail.com


Location: Stateside Awaiting New Assignment
BFG: Ladies
Organization: Undisclosed

Description of ministry: Contingent on new assignment


  • Pray for Regina as she was forced to return stateside because of Covid-19 and is now having to adjust back
  • Pray for wisdom and planning as the organization and her make decisions about her future assignment

Email: Contact Pastor Blake for more information.

Christopher and Carol Sills

Location: Ecuador
BFG: Advanced Couples 1
Organization: Reaching & Teaching (RTIM)

Six children: Abraham, Anna Elizabeth, Mary Elle, Naomi Katherine, Thomas, and Ruth Abigail

Description of ministry: Our ministry seeks to equip Ecuadorian believers through discipleship and teaching, providing either one-week intensives throughout each year or regular, weekly classes.  We also desire to strengthen the local church, which we seek to do through evangelism, personally engaging in church planting, and supporting other church planters.


Pray that God would sustain us in and bless our work of church planting and various teaching opportunities.

  • Pray that God would bless our family and team as we seek to fulfill what He called us to do, giving us unity, health, joy, and faith through the process.

Email: thesills678@gmail.com

Yonas and Hana Tesfaye

Location: Ethiopia
BFG: Intermediate Couples 2
Organization: 5 Loaves

Three children: Samuel, Nathan, and Ethan

Description of ministry: We are the in-country directors of 5 Loaves, which includes overseeing the Hope Center in Ethiopia. The Hope Center is a children’s day program that provides meals, encouragement, and a safe place for at-risk children.


  • Pray our marriage would honor the Lord as our love grows and that we would be godly examples to our children.
  • Pray for our staff and the children of the Hope Center to experience a season of stability, growth, and favor that only the Lord can give

Email: yonas.tesfaye.alemayehu@gmail.com

James and Heather Tieman

Location: Columbia
BFG: Advanced Couples 3
Organization: Undisclosed

Seven children: Zoe, Gabi, Piper, Josiah, Jonah, Judah, & Salome

Description of ministry: We work with an indigenous people group of no less than 30,000 (only 10 known believers) in the coffee region of Colombia. We go out weekly sharing God’s Word and hoping to plant an indigenous church among them.


  • Pray the E.C. believers continue to grow in the Lord with the limited access missionaries have to them. Pray for the indigenous people in the region nearby who are suffering greatly at the hands of gorilla fighters that God would use that to draw people to himself.
  • Pray for our teammates and us to seek creative ways to engage the E.C. people even during quarantine and limited access. Pray as well for our family to walk closely with the Lord.

Email: tiemantribe@gmail.com

Garett and Becky Wall

Location: Louisville, KY
Organization: Cru

Two children: Lily and Isaac

Description of ministry: Becky leads and trains Cru staff members in Kentucky and Tennessee; these staff members are sent as missionaries locally, nationally, and globally to disciple Christians and share the gospel with those who do not yet believe. Their primary focus is the college campus and high schools. They were members at Ninth & O from 2006 to 2018.


  • Pray for the Lord to reap a great harvest this school year on college and high school campuses across Kentucky and Tennessee
  • Pray we would be faithful to walk in the Lord’s strength and wisdom as we navigate our family and ministry schedule
  • Pray that Lily would grow in her walk with Jesus.  Pray for Isaac’s development and that He would come to know Jesus

Email: becky.wall@cru.org

C. and C.

Location: Middle East & North Africa (MENA)
BFG: Young Couples 3
Organization: Reaching & Teaching (RTIM)

One daughter

Description of ministry: We serve RTIM as regional strategy coordinators and trainers for the MENA region. Our primary work involves both local international and indigenous church planting, strengthening, discipleship, outreach, women’s ministry, and mobilizing qualified workers to the region. In addition, we currently serve in a local church revitalization in our region.


  • Pray for establishing healthy churches and ministry training centers in North African major capitol cities.
  • Pray for called and qualified workers to be mobilized to the MENA region.

Email: Contact Pastor Blake for more information.

Colin and Sarah Wood

Location: Western Kentucky University
Organization: Baptist Campus Ministries

Four children: Elizabeth, Nora Kate, Audrey, and Henry

Description of ministry: The Baptist Campus Ministry is a community of grace that exists to make disciples of Jesus who love His church and make an eternal impact in His world. Starting with the campus of Western Kentucky University, we partner with churches to make friends, celebrate cultures, and share the Christian faith with international students.


  • Pray that, in light of COVID-19, we would make the most of the time and opportunity we are given with students.
  • Pray that unbelieving students would place their faith in Jesus and that believing students would be strengthened in their faith.

Email: connectingstudents@outlook.com