Working Together to Advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ Among All Peoples

We believe our church has been given the joyous responsibility to engage our world with the good news of Jesus Christ. One way we seek to reach our world is through short-term mission trips. Our goal is to plan strategic short-term mission trips that result in sustainable gospel impact in specific locations. It’s our hope to lock arms with missionaries and ministry partners around the globe that could use our teams in propelling the gospel forward.

Below is a list of our 2017 mission trips as well as a link to our online mission trip application.


Dates: April 2 – 5

Leader: Larry Buchanan – (

Cost: $200

Application Deadline: December 4, 2016

Payment Schedule: $100 – December 16, 2016 / $100 – March 12, 2017

Team Size: 12 – 25

Trip Description: Working with the Oneida Baptist Institute in Eastern Kentucky, our team will engage in light construction, farming, leading a chapel service, and evangelism work among students 6th – 12th grade.


Dates: April 6 – 15

Leader: Preston Petersen – (

Cost: $2,800

Application Deadline: December 4, 2016

Payment Schedule: $100 – December 4, 2016 / $1,400 – January 22, 2017 / $1,300 – March 12, 2017

Team Size: 10

Trip Description: Serving alongside our mission partner, Gospel and Grain, we will minister to orphaned and vulnerable children while showing them the love of Jesus and ministering to the staff that cares for them.


Dates: June 3 – 9

Leader: Colin Wood – (

Cost: $1,000

Application Deadline: February 5, 2017

Payment Schedule: $100 – February 5, 2017 / $600 – March 19, 2017 / $300 – May 21, 2017

Team Size: 10 – 15

Trip Description: Reuniting with former NAOBC members, Joshua and Bekah Whetstine, our team will provide missionary care and engage in ministry with Joshua as he works with the churches, pastors, and church planters under his leadership in the Twin Cities.


Dates: September 30 – October 8

Leader: Rocky Coleman – (

Cost: $1,800

Application Deadline: June 4, 2017

Payment Schedule: $100 – June 4, 2017 / $1,100 – July 23, 2017 / $600 – September 3, 2017

Team Size: 10

Trip Description: In partnership with Reaching and Teaching International Ministries, our team will work alongside Chris and Carol Sills participating in a mixture of evangelism projects and pastoral training.

*Ninth and O Baptist Church’s 2017 short-term mission trips information is subject to change, so please contact the mission trip leader to ensure information is up-to-date.

*Applicants who are not members of NAOBC are welcomed to apply; however, members receive priority in filling trip spots.

*Please Note:

Scholarships awarded are applied to the mission trip’s final payment. Applicants will be notified whether or not they have received a scholarship one month after the mission trip application deadline. The scholarship amount awarded varies depending on the trip’s cost, applicant’s needs, and the status of the Great Commission Offering fund. Scholarships are not awarded for those going on the Oneida mission trip and are available for NAOBC members only.