6:30—7:45 PM

Meet in Rooms 233 & 235

Spring 2020 C-groups

GroupAdul LeadersRoomCurriculum
6th Grade BoysTimothy Babutunde
James Tipton
232What is The Gospel?
6th Grade GirlsTori Hurley
Kate Smith
220What is The Gospel?
7th & 8th Grade BoysAshley Barrett
Kirstin Jones
234The Case for Christ
7th & 8th Grade GirlsJedi Shang
Drew Hayes
230On Guard
9th & 10th GirlsLettie Buchanan
Vana Bassler
235The Case for Christ
11th & 12th GirlsSarah Ditch233The Case for Christ
High School BoysHunter Wilkerson
Randy Hall
236The Case for Christ

Seven Year Teaching Rotation

Our C-group discipleship is structure around a seven-year rotation.  During the Spring, C-group leaders are given a list of studies, related to that semester’s focus, and asked to teach one that semester.  During the Fall, C-group leaders will either have the freedom to select a study they feel meets the needs and interest of their group (Free Blocks) or work through some of the doctrines laid out in Wayne Grume’s Christian Beliefs (Doctrine Blocks).

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