Our goal here at Ninth and O Baptist Church is to foster biblical community and service founded on preaching and teaching the truths of scripture. Our church as a whole believes that truth, community, worship, and missions should be a priority within the church. In our singles ministry, we seek discipleship and fellowship with one another, while also serving the church as a whole. Our singles ministry attends the 9:00 AM worship service on Sunday mornings with Bible Fellowship Group (BFG), a time for biblical teaching and fellowship with one another to follow.

BFG: 10:30 AM Sunday in room 202.
Worship Service: 9:00 AM in the worship center.

Wednesday Nights: Wednesday nights this fall our church offers many opportunities to get plugged in and invested in new areas of the church. Whether this is serving in the children’s ministry, with the youth, joining a D-Group with multi-generational ages, or the Adult Worship Choir! All this and more is happening Wednesday nights at NAOBC at 6:30 PM. Click here to learn more.

Singles D-Groups: There are 3 D-Groups that meet during the week besides Wednesday Nights this Spring. The D-Groups are focused on challenging us all to grow in our walks by providing accountability and tackling hard issues.

Fall Events

Interested in learning more?

Please feel free to reach out to any of our leaders for more information on how to get plugged in.

Singles Pastor: Philip Brown and wife Chanda Brown
Singles Director: Drew Peng
Singles BFG Teacher: Isaac Reff
D-Group Leaders: Scott Moyes, Reydel Leon Machado, Melanie Cox, Laura Leon Machado, and Philip Brown