We know it is hard  for singles to get connected during the covid crisis. We want to help singles make as much of a connection as we can by keeping people safe and following state regulations.

As we enter into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season we will be having what we call , thebreak.   thebreak meets during students’ Winter and Summer breaks and allows us to all gather together for a short time.  Due to Covid, this winter break, we will  be meeting in the sanctuary and social distancing similar to our worship services on Sunday.

The Break

We start thebreak on Tuesday night,  Nov. 15th at 7 pm and it will go for 5 weeks straight.  Our BFG teachers will be leading us through the the Old Testament book of Numbers.    All singles and college students are invited.

Sunday Worship (12:15 pm)

Our singles ministry is encouraged to attend the 12:15 Sunday Worship service in order to even out the numbers between our three services.