Quick Look

BFG Sundays at 10:30 in the Big Tent!

Sunday Worship: New Service Time at 12:00 PM

D-Groups: Starting the week of February 21: 40 Days in Mark by Dr. Bill Cook

Spring 2021


For Spring of 2021 the Singles Ministry will be coming back on campus for our Bible Fellowship Groups. It has been almost 9 months since we were able to be on campus together as a college group for BFG.   In order to have ample amount of room for us to gather, we have obtained a large tent that is heated.    Our BFG will meet here at 10:30 am. The tent is located on the right side of the building if you are facing the church from Breckenridge Ln. Unlike many of the other BFGs, you will not need to register each week. Visitors are more than welcomed to come as well.

We have been encouraged to attend the 12:00 am service as well to keep balance between each service.


As we did last semester, we will also be having our smaller groups we call D-Groups (Discipleship Groups)  These groups will be going through our pastor’s new book on Mark.  This will start on the week of February 21.

Feel free to e-mail our college pastor at pbrown@naobc.org if you have any questions.