We know it is hard as a single adult to find community  during the covid crisis. We want to help singles make as much of a connection as we can by keeping people safe and following state regulations.

For this fall our church is providing 3 ways for single adults to join us in ministry and be ministered unto.

Sunday Worship (12:15 pm)

Our singles  ministry is encouraged to attend the 12:15 Sunday Worship service in order to even out the numbers between our three services. You can sign up for this week’s service by clicking here.

D Groups

We will be going through a 13 week study on the book of Ephesians this Fall.  Instead of our normal Zoom BFGs on Sunday mornings,  we will be doing BFG and small groups together in person with smaller groups during the week.  This fall we will be starting out with 4 small groups of 10.   There will be 2 guys groups and 2 girls groups.     You can click the link here to tell us what works best for you.


Our hangouts will happen at our leaders’ homes throughout the week and will be by invite only for now.  With KY recommendations of having groups 10 or less, our leaders will be working to mix up these groups and let you get to know new people and hangout with old friends.  These groups will be increased in number as soon as any changes are made in KY recommendations.   Pastor Philip’s goal is for everyone to attend one of these events by the end of August.

If you are new to us, please take a moment and fill out your guest information so that we can get you more information about us and connect you to one of our leaders and a small group.