Go Out..Who cares if you eat?

If you are around our singles group for any time, you will find out that we love to go eat. Every Thursday night after Reality it is just a given that we will be going to O’Charleys, or Dairy Queen. Then on Sunday mornings Chanda and I have to choose where to go between the Singles 2 and the Singles 3 class. For the Singles 2 it is usually, Jimmy Johns,wendys Wendy’s, or McCallisters. For the Singles 3 they are usually at Texas Roadhouse, Rafferty’s or Chili’s. Are you chilisdrooling yet? On Sunday nights, there is always Ernesto’s off Watterson Trail. We know all the waiters and they know what we order. Then during the week there is going to be a party at someones home. So how do you do it? How do you afford it? How do you not get fat in just one week? Well,…my suggestion is to make it your priority to build long lasting friendships. Guys, find guys who can keep you accountable in your walk and girls do the same. Eating is the second priority for me. It may not have been always, but I have noticed since I have been watching my weight that I feel like I have more time to talk. Let me challenge you to do the same. Come join us as we go out and who cares if you eat!! (see Eccl 4:9-11)

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