Sunday Evenings at 6:00 PM

You believe the Bible, and you trust that God’s word is true. But if you’re honest, you may admit that there are some hard sayings and stories in Scripture. Sometimes your friends or those who you try to win with the love of Christ push back on these parts of the Bible. You don’t want to seem like less of a Christian for asking these hard questions, but you feel like they’re off limits. Join us on Sunday Nights this summer for our sermon series, “Can I Ask That?” as we answer some of these hard questions from the Bible.

June 3:  Did God Call the Israelites to Commit Genocide with the Invasion of the Land?

June 10Why Is Hell Forever?

July 1Can I Trust the Bible?

July 15Does God Exist?

July 29The Problem of Evil

August 5:  What about People Who Never Hear the Gospel?