Day 8: More Kingdom Parables (4:21-34)

Discussion Questions

(1) What obstacles keep you from hearing God? (ears to hear, 31)

(2) Are there some areas where we hear God, but neglect to listen and/or obey? As God’s children, how ought we respond? (32)

(3) Who can you share Jesus with this week? (33)

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8 replies
  1. Nick Romero
    Nick Romero says:

    One obstacle that can keep me from hearing God is my desire for a comfort and ease. After work, I’ve had to pray while driving home that instead of vegging out once I get home, for me to actually greet my family with love and to help Erin with the kids. Instead of utilizing my initial free time to play a video game or to do something that is mind numbing or that doesn’t require a whole lot of thinking (example: watch tv), I need to actively look for things to do around the apartment that will help my wife. Not saying that personal hobbies are sinful, but there is a degree of self-entitlement in me where I think to myself that every once in a while, I DESERVE “me time.” The only thing I truly deserve is hell for my sins, and with the time God has given me, I need to be faithful to what he has given me.

  2. Michael Knight
    Michael Knight says:

    The frustrations of this world and my disappointments often leave me too distracted to hear God. Even when I find myself coming to God is prayer or reading his Word, I can be too task-oriented to really take the time to seek his counsel and obey.

    • Gabriel A Hinerman
      Gabriel A Hinerman says:

      Yep. I’m hoping this Mark study will slow us all down and we can spend quality time with God.

    • Pauline Eldridge
      Pauline Eldridge says:

      Michael, I agree. It’s so easy for me to go through the motions and check off the boxes but not really have communed with God, even though I supposedly had a prayer time. Have I really spent time with Him if I don’t then go and do what He said?

  3. Brandon Pisacrita
    Brandon Pisacrita says:

    On pg. 32, “True hearing is not merely comprehending God’s word but involves putting God’s word into practice.” I hear a lot of sermons and hear the word proclaimed often; I have to be sure I pay careful attention to the kingdom message. Pg. 33, “All gospel farmers can do is to sow the gospel-seed of the kingdom and then pray and wait expectantly to see what God does.”
    I have to hear it, obey it, and then share it.

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