Day 6: Family, Accusations, and Followers (3:20-35)

Discussion Questions

(1) We read about how Jesus’ family doubts him during his ministry (pg. 24). Does that motivate or discourage us to be more faithful in proclaiming the Word?

(2) Pastor Cook discusses the controversial topic of the unpardonable sin in the “Digging In” portion of the chapter. Were there any surprises with Pastor Cook’s conclusion of that passage? What are some of these implications?

(3) How does knowing Jesus’ family doubted him help you know that Jesus is able to sympathize with you when you experience hurts and pains?

(4) Am I living so closely to Jesus and saturated by his gospel that I’m a light to non-believers?

(5) How can I encourage the faith family of Ninth & O Baptist Church?

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  1. Rose Booth
    Rose Booth says:

    This passage regarding Jesus’ family always is a comfort for those that may be the only believer in their family. I was blessed with a godly family but my church family and other brothers and sisters in Christ have become far deeper and sweeter to me.

  2. Michael Knight
    Michael Knight says:

    The most humbling thing for me to remember, especially in trials and difficulties, is how Jesus himself faced many trials and hardships, even from those who loved him. If Jesus faced those trials, how am I to act any less surprised about my struggles. Jesus even told us that many would persecute us (the church) because of our love for him (c.f. Matt 10:22). I am thankful for the One who was and is faithful to the very point of the Cross. With all the agony and ridicule faced, our Saviour was obedient unto death for our end. He secured for us what we could not, in the midst of hardships and ridicule from his own family and loved ones.

    May I never waver the cost of duly devoting myself to Christ.

  3. Shirley
    Shirley says:

    I liked the way Pastor said, “ Jesus statement (“For whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother”) is not intended to demean the importance of our earthly family, which is taught throughout the Bible.” …… We are to respect and love our families, regardless……gently……never giving up on the Lord’s changing their hearts…….AND “our first allegiance, however, is to follow King Jesus.” Isn’t it just AMAZING that we are children of the Creator, King of the universe……sister/brother of JESUS?!!! AND fellow believers are our family in the LORD?!!! So humbling and so encouraging——in supporting one another, we can be “Doers of the Word!”

    • Michael Knight
      Michael Knight says:

      Thank you for sharing Ms. Shirley! Disregarding others can be an easy thing to do, whether they are biological family or spiritual. We are so blessed to be a part of the family of Jesus. Let us now love all peoples with the love Christ showed us, especially those who are a part of his eternal family.

  4. Brandon Pisacrita
    Brandon Pisacrita says:

    From the reading this morning and seeing Jesus interact with the scribes and his own family….
    May I never get caught up in knowing the word/law to the point that my pride keeps me from seeing Jesus at work in my life and others. The scribes saw it and still they rejected him. His family knew him best and they thought he was out of his mind.
    Vs. 35 confirms for me those that do the will of God are my family –the people of God. I am at my strongest when I am involved within the people of God. I am strengthened, encouraged, loved, and spurred on to be more like Christ because of the people of God.

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