Day 40: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (16:1-8)

Discussion Questions

(1) Do you doubt the bodily resurrection of Christ? What keeps you from following and believing Jesus as your personal Savior? (162)

(2) What keeps you from telling all those you see about the risen Lord? (163)

(3) What will it take for you to be transformed from cowardly to courageous for Christ? (164)

(4) Is your hope placed in this life? If so, why do Christians give up so much for this life for a life to come? (164)

(5) Are you willing to lose everything for the sake of gaining everything in Jesus and then share that hope with the world? (164)

(6) Does the brand of Christianity you are living day to day demonstrate the power of the cross?

(7) After reading the Gospel of Mark, considering the person and work of Jesus Christ, how does that compel you to worship with greater passion?

(8) How does the truth of the risen Savior affect your worship?

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