Day 39: At the Cross (15:38-47)

Discussion Questions

(1) Even with direct access to God through Christ, why, even now, do we still neglect communion with him? (158/160)

(2) Either by action or unbelief, what keeps you from seeing Jesus as the true Son of God? (160)

(3) The gospel writers emphasize the physical death of Jesus. Why is this such a central point of emphasis? (159)

(4) What difference has the cross made in your life? Share a brief testimony of how the cross has changed your life.

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2 replies
  1. Beckham
    Beckham says:

    Q4: I’ve often compared growing in Christ like that of a plant. The Kudzu plant can grow up to 1 foot per day. The Aloe plant takes 3 to 4 years before it is mature with a height of approximately 10 inches. Christ has sometimes grown me fast and at other times very slowly. When Christ invited me to be with Him, I exploded outward like the Kudzu. I was eager to take in everything about Him. Unfortunately, I had many false ideas that confused His truth. In the long run, my growth has been more like the Aloe. The slow growth over the decades has pushed out more and more of my worldliness and transplanted it with His life and Word. So how has the Cross made a difference in my life? In almost every way! From how I treat others, do my work, parent my son, … There are so many other aspects it needs to impact and I pray that it does so.

  2. Pauline Eldridge
    Pauline Eldridge says:

    I think it’s important that the Gospel writers emphasize Jesus’ death because if He didn’t truly die, then the resurrection is meaningless. And the sacrifice for sin would not be complete. I also love how the tearing of the veil symbolizes how the suffering of Christ provided access to the Father for all of us. He is now our Mediator who guides us into the Father’s presence, not some lifeless curtain that keeps us from Him.

    On a side note, I have really enjoyed this study. I appreciate the hard work and thoughtfulness that has gone into this. Thank you!

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