Day 38: The Crucifixion of the Son of God (15:21-37)

Discussion Questions

(1) Pastor Cook says the verbal abuse Jesus endured on the cross are motifs of Christianity and discipleship. Are you willing to endure such a life for Jesus? (154)

(2) Jesus dies alone. Does a loving God ever remove his presence from his followers?

(3) Will you serve Jesus with your life as he willingly offered his life for us?

(4) His death brings life to everyone who believes. With whom do you need to share this truth?

(5) How often do we place positions of prestige and worldly honor above the privileges of being a citizen in God’s kingdom? (155)

(6) Jesus’ seemingly weakest moment is powerful to save. How can we show that our greatest strength comes through humility? (156)

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  1. Beckham
    Beckham says:

    Question #2: This made me think of a time I was in the store with my young son of about 3 years of age. He had a tendency to wonder off and I had fussed at him on many occasions. This time when he wondered off it was in a clothing section of the store. And I let him. I then kept the clothing racks between him and me. I could always see him but he could not see me. After a few minutes, he realized he was alone. How often has God left me in the same situation? I am focused on my wants and desires and not His. It is shocking to look up and not know where I am and all I can do is wait for Him to restore me again.

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