Day 36: Peter’s Denial (14:66-72)

Discussion Questions

(1) Why did Peter weep? Was he remorseful for his denial or just upset he was proven wrong? (147)

(2) Compare Peter to Judas’ demise. Why is it important that we contrast the sins and responses of Peter and Judas? How were they alike? How were they different? (147)

(3) Do you resonate with Peter? Having the truth and knowledge all around you but your pride sends you into defeat? In what areas of your life are you operating with overconfidence? Where do you need to strengthen your prayers in this area? (146)

(4) Would you stand for Jesus in the midst of opposition or deny him? If this is a weak area in your life, how should you change your prayers in response to this need?

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  1. Pauline Eldridge
    Pauline Eldridge says:

    I think it is important to understand the difference between Peter and Judas, because it can help us know whether we are truly saved. I believe Judas shows us someone who was with Jesus and appeared to be a true disciple but his heart didn’t really belong to Jesus. In the end, he was lost. Peter, on the other hand, was a true believer who fell in the dark moment, but repented. In Christ, we fall, but by His grace we get back up and keep on following Him. Peter shows me that there is hope for someone like me when I fail the Lord. I can be restored as Peter was. I am so thankful that the Bible lets us see our heroes with their faults and all.

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