Day 35: Jesus before the Sanhedrin (14:53-65)

Discussion Questions

(1) How can you respond like Jesus in situations where you are treated unfairly or unjustly?

(2) How do these stories of Jesus’ betrayal, mock trial, and giving himself up to die for us encourage your heart today?

(3) How does Isaiah 53:7 help you understand the willingness and obedience of Christ’s sacrificial death? How does this change your perspective of Jesus’ saying, “Pick up your cross and follow me”? (142)

(4) Jesus’ silence perpetuated the situation. Are there times to speak up and times to be silent? How can you know the difference?

(5) How can we fail to love and serve with our whole lives for our entire lives?

(6) Do you resonate with Pastor Cook’s expression of feeling “Give me Jesus!”? Why not? If we felt like this more, wouldn’t we desire to sin less? (143)

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