Day 32: Jesus’ Body and Blood (14:22-31)

Discussion Questions

(1) How does participation in the Lord’s Supper encourage you?

(2) The gifts of God’s grace are many–forgiveness of sins, hopeful anticipation of Christ’s return, and a loving church family. How does a loving, local church body become a gift of God’s grace in your life?

(3) We are family under the lordship of Christ. Maybe you can call and encourage a church member with what you are learning from this study.

(4) Do you find yourself longing for the eschatological banquet Jesus mentions while taking the Lord’s Supper? Has the Lord’s Supper become routine and mundane for you? (130)

(5) Pastor Cook discusses three perspectives while taking the Lord’s Supper. Do you find yourself using these truths and promises as reflections and corrections for your heart? (131)

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5 replies
  1. Beckham Eldridge
    Beckham Eldridge says:

    I do wonder if I take the Lord’s Supper too casually. When I do find myself doing that, I try and think about how my Parent’s Church performs the Lord’s supper. On Saturday night, they bake a small flat loaf bread. As they beat the batter, they discuss the beating that Christ took for us. They then crease the bread for easy breaking apart Bach crease is a representation of the stripes that Christ took for us. After they bread comes out of the oven, they then cover it to represent His time in the tomb. On Sunday, after partaking of the bread and the wine, they wash each others feet, sing one song then depart. It is so easy to take all that He did for us for granted.

  2. Pauline Eldridge
    Pauline Eldridge says:

    The Lord’s Supper never gets old. Each time I participate in it, it takes me back to thinking of how He suffered and died so I could live. His grace continues to amaze me! And to think that one day we will feast with Him in that great banquet to come. Yes, I do long for that day, more and more as time goes by. The longer I live the more I come to feel that this world is really not my home.

  3. Brandon Pisacrita
    Brandon Pisacrita says:

    Every time I partake in the Lord’sSupper I am reminded of what Christ did for me. His broken body and shed blood brought forgiveness of my sins and restored a broken relationship with God. Praise God!!

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