Day 31: Preparations for Passover (14:12-21)

Discussion Questions

(1) Readers of Mark have known and anticipated the betrayal of Jesus since Mark 3:15. How do you think the disciples took the news? What went through their minds?

(2) How does this passage help you maintain trust in God’s plan even when you can’t see his hand at work?

(3) What is the importance of the Lord’s Supper resembling the Passover Feast? Why was the Messiah seen as the Passover Lamb? (126)

(4) Judas walked daily with Jesus and still betrayed him. How can we remain watchful that sin doesn’t capture our hearts and lead us astray?

(5) Do you truly live as one following God or would you just be considered “religious”?

(6) How easy is it to go through the motions of following Jesus?

(7) When we are struggling, do we fail to see God as our victor and still doing work in us? Or do we feel like Satan is winning? (128)

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