Day 3: Blasphemy and Bad Company (2:1-17)

Discussion Questions

(1) Do we ever get upset/surprised by someone receiving Jesus? If so, why (c.f. 2:17, Luke 19:7)?

(2) After seeing all the miracles and fulfilled promises throughout Scripture, why do we lack faith or doubt when God has told us He will do something?

(3) Following Jesus as the only hope for sinners is considered intolerant in today’s culture (pg. 13). What are some hardships you face when sharing Jesus with friends/family/coworkers?

(4) Jesus refers to himself using a more veiled title “Son of Man” in order to remove himself from the political aspirations placed on the coming Messiah. In what ways do we project aspirations on Jesus in our day that might not fit who He has told us he is (p 12)?

(5) Why did the Pharisees hate Jesus?

(6) Does your faith lead you to share with those closest to you? Why or why not?

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  1. Phil and Terri
    Phil and Terri says:

    In this passage, we are struck by how ordinary the disciples are. It serves to remind us that God uses each of us in our circle of influence to be his witness… no matter how we perceive our ability to do just that.
    We also discussed the statement on page 13 paragraph 4.. The world may be willing to acknowledge Jesus as a good man… We have family that say that they believe in Jesus but then they turn around and demonstrate an acceptance and belief in parts of other religions as well. It seems as though they believe more in a “pick and choose” religion. It is frustrating to us.

  2. Beckham Eldridge
    Beckham Eldridge says:

    Today I was thinking of how much I’m like the Pharisees. I seem to be surprised when Jesus does something that I would not expect him to do.

    • Michael Knight
      Michael Knight says:

      Thanks for sharing. I, too, feel the struggle of picking on the Pharisees when so often my life isn’t reflective of much difference from theirs.

  3. Michael Knight
    Michael Knight says:

    I encounter difficulties when sharing Jesus with others, especially in our American culture. Everyone has some understanding or has been taught some variation of Jesus. Our culture is making truth less important while privilege and emotions take precedent. Many people like to think happy thoughts about Jesus while avoiding stark contrasts between their opinions and thoughts of Jesus and the biblical perspective of Jesus.

    The culture is making the exclusivity of the gospel of Jesus Christ taboo and offensive. Many people I converse with like aspects of Jesus but don’t want to conclude that he is the only way to salvation. Between the Pharisees in this chapter and the people today, I pray that more people will discard personal feelings and accept Jesus for who he is – the only hope and Saviour for the world.

  4. Rose Booth
    Rose Booth says:

    Though we believe God can do anything we still are amazed at His saving of those we might never imagine coming to Christ. It reminds me of the story of those praying for Peter’s release from jail and he shows up at their prayer meeting and everyone thinks he’s a ghost. We pray and pray but do we believe that a paralytic man can be healed and forgiven or a lowly tax collector could become one of His closest followers?

  5. Shirley Moskovich
    Shirley Moskovich says:

    I sure hope I’m never surprised by someone receiving Jesus……it’s a miracle of God in each case! (After going to church all my life and then being “born again” at age 52!!). I’ve been reading Haven Ministries’ Anchor devotional this past month of prisoners’ hope & joy in Jesus at Wakulla Prison in Fl……each day is a meditation on a particular Bible verse that the inmate finds encouraging. 7 out of 28 are serving life sentences!! All people, no matter the size, color, nationality or background are imprisoned by their sin until they are saved. May we hurt as Jesus does for those who need God and are so oppressed……..and Praise Him daily for our salvation…….most all of these 28 men are “Free”, indeed!! As Dr Cook ended Day 3, “Jesus is the only One who can make an eternal difference in their lives. He has the authority to forgive sin!” And ALL of us need that just as much as any other person!!

  6. Brandon Pisacrita
    Brandon Pisacrita says:

    Mk 2:6-8. Jesus answers the scribes questions only voiced in their heart. First take away for me: God loves me enough to know my heart and speaks to the condition of my heart.
    2nd-ly: the text shows us Jesus being with humanity- sinners and tax collectors. My thought is , Am I loving people enough that I introduce them to the One who can forgive their sins. He came not for the righteous, but sinners. He came for me!

    • Shirley Moskovich
      Shirley Moskovich says:

      Pretty scary to me that He knows my heart!! (My thoughts). But then I hold on to His promises that my sins are forgiven and I’m victorious thru Christ’s work at cross……and He’s refining me thru my days…..wish I could live like I know who I am to Him who has saved me from myself!!! (Like Paul in Rom 7!).

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