Day 28: The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Return of Christ (13:14-27)

Discussion Questions

(1) Have you always seen Jesus’ prophecy as a dual fulfillment? Do you agree? Does it help you have more confidence in Scripture?

(2) How does reading about the contrasts of Christ’s return correct your thoughts about God? Have you thought about how Jesus will come to judge the world?

(3) God’s elect are not free from suffering. How does being God’s elect help to endure suffering? (114-115)

(4) How does Jesus’ description of his return give us confidence, hope, and peace today and potentially in the darkest day at the end? (116)

(5) Pastor Cook describes the monumental contrasts between the first and second comings of Jesus. How did these contrasts strike you? Can you think of any other contrasts?

(6) Pastor reminds us of how difficult Mark 13 can be to interpret. What are some ways we can show grace toward others who may hold different interpretations on difficult passages and theology?

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