Day 25: Loving God and Neighbor (12:28-34)

Discussion Questions

(1) Are we loving others, namely our neighbor, with the same love and consideration we extend to ourselves? (102)

(2) Whom are we serving in our obedience to godly living? (102)

(3) Pastor Bill says if we are to honor God with our lives, our thoughts will be saturated with God’s Word and our affections and desires aligned with a burning passion for God’s glory, a lifestyle of service to God’s people, and an evangelistic zeal for the lost. Would you say that describes your walk with God? If not, how does this convict you to pursue a right alignment with the heart of God? (103)

(4) Why are sacrifices of the heart more essential than other sacrifices? (102)

(5) Are there any areas of your spiritual life that can be described as lethargical or casual? How can we strengthen these areas? (103)

(6) Do we choose to love all or only those who are like us?

(7) How are you loving the Lord in heart, soul, mind, and strength?

(8) What are practical ways to show Christ’s love to those in your circle?

(10) One of the best ways we can love God and our neighbor is to share the gospel. What plans do you have to share Jesus this week? (103)

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