Day 24: Jesus on Government and Marriage (12:13-27)

Discussion Questions

(1) In what ways can we prevent ourselves from being mere readers of the Bible? How often does God’s Word change our minds and transform our hearts?

(2) Do we find ourselves guilty of using the Bible to prove our thoughts and beliefs rather than allowing the Bible to reveal its own truth?

(3) The human heart is an idol factory. We can easily make our own prominence, marriage, government, and dreams into idols. What idols are most alluring to the church? Have you elevated certain things from the position of gift to idol in your life?

(4) How can you reflect God’s love in dealing with political and governmental responsibilities?

(5) How have you experienced the transforming power of Jesus this week?

(6) Jesus rebuked those who were scholars for their biblical illiteracy. Are you finding yourselves saturated in the Word in a way that transforms your heart?

(7) God’s wisdom is clearly unparalleled. Are we seeking Jesus for our wisdom? (98)

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