Day 21: The Triumphal Entry (11:1-11)

Discussion Questions

(1) Much like the destruction of Jerusalem, this world – including America – will see its end. In what ways do our earthly allegiances and ideologies divide our allegiance to Christ’s Kingdom and his final rule? Are we having offenses other than the gospel? Have we hindered our ability to share the gospel in our earthly endeavors? (85)

(2) Even though Jesus entered Jerusalem in fulfillment of prophecy – fully displaying his messianic identity – many people missed this historic and monumental occasion. Even today, knowing the full story of the Bible, why are so many still spiritually blinded to Jesus’ work in their lives? (87)

(3) In what ways, as Christians, do we neglect to shout, “Hosanna!”? How are we preparing ourselves each week to overflow with worship in response to Christ’s person and work? (88)

(4) Will you slow down and experience the coming Easter in a renewed sense of wonder?

(5) Why do you think Mark spent 40% of his gospel on the final week of Jesus’ life?

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  1. Pauline Eldridge
    Pauline Eldridge says:

    (2) Just like then, people today fail to see Who Jesus really is because they want to make Him in their own image. They want a buddy or a friend, or perhaps a teacher, but they don’t want a Savior or a Lord.

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