Day 19: Marriage, Children, and Possession (10:1-31)

Discussion Questions

(1) As your faith grows in dependence on God, how does he continue to earn your trust? (78)

(2) If you want to see what a person loves, look at their calendar and bank statement. How we spend our time and money reveals our heart’s greatest desires. What are some ways you might encourage a friend who is struggling with out-of-order priorities?

(3) What did Jesus mean when he said, “The Kingdom belongs to such as these,” referring to children? (78)

(4) What “holds of the world” keep you from following Jesus more faithfully?

(5) Do you love people enough to share the gospel with them?

(6) Am I reflecting the heart of Jesus in my interactions with the lost? If not, how can I?

(7) Why do we find ourselves focusing on our goodness or lack of goodness when we know that salvation is of God? In what ways do we find “richness” in the world that we are unwilling to give up for the Kingdom? (79)

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2 replies
  1. Brandon Pisacrita
    Brandon Pisacrita says:

    Childlike faith is found in one of the that trusts God , is dependent on Him and open to the gospel. Knowing salvation comes from God alone and not our own good, we grow in our faith as we learn to let go and trust God in all things.

  2. Pauline Eldridge
    Pauline Eldridge says:

    I often find myself in the trap of looking at my own goodness or lack thereof. I see the ways I fail and wonder how He could love me, or I start to think I’m doing pretty well. Neither of these are in line with Scripture which never fails to remind me that my salvation is dependent on Christ’s work and not my own goodness. My so-called goodness fluctuates by the hour or even minute, but He remains constant and true. He is my sure and steady Anchor.

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