Day 17: Mountaintop Glory and Real World Ministry (9:1-29)

Discussion Questions

(1) How does the boy’s father’s words to Jesus, “I believe, help my unbelief!” resonate with you?

(2) Are you struggling today to feel Jesus’ compassion toward you?

(3) How does discipleship and suffering grow one’s faith?

(4) How are you being transformed by the presence of Jesus in your life?

(5) How does our hope of future glory and transformation give you strength today?

(6) Knowing that intercessory prayer is essential to victory in spiritual warfare, who do we have praying for us and who are we praying for as we navigate these tumultuous waters of life? (72)

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7 replies
  1. Pauline Eldridge
    Pauline Eldridge says:

    The boy’s father is an example to me of being real with Jesus. Sometimes I get caught up in being all spiritual and making sure I say the right words and pray the right prayers, etc. But the man here reminds me that the truth is I am in desperate need of Jesus to save me. Without His help, I can’t even make myself believe in Him. But then how wonderful and compassionate He is to give me the gift of belief and faith. Grace upon grace.

  2. Beckham Eldridge
    Beckham Eldridge says:

    Since even before Christ saved me, the verse “Lord I believe, help my unbelief” resonated with me. Today it still has meaning for me. Not because I doubt Jesus, but because I have so much more to learn and so much more growing to be like Him.

  3. Gabriel A Hinerman
    Gabriel A Hinerman says:

    It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I might learn your statutes. – Psalm 119:71

    God works on us in the midst of trouble because trouble catches our attention. – David Powlison

    Jesus suffered. Jesus experienced loss. Jesus was hurt. Jesus was lonely and abandoned. The Christian life isn’t exemption from the hardships of life. Jesus will be with us and will cake all things to work for our good (Psalm 23, Romans 8:28).

  4. Rose Booth
    Rose Booth says:

    Lord I believe help my unbelief has been a constant prayer of mine over the past 15 months. I know the Lord has been with me but when life is difficult and circumstances don’t seem to improve, I quickly falter in my faith instead of clinging to Him.

  5. Brandon Pisacrita
    Brandon Pisacrita says:

    9:1-29. Jesus proves he is fulfillment of the law/prophets. All things are possible for one who believes… I can trust Jesus with my seemingly impossible situation. I believe, yet at times my unbelief overshadows the faith that God can and is able to move. The time i spend with Jesus should transform my mind, thinking and behavior. I thank the Lord that He loves to give growth to his children.

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