Day 15: Overcoming Spiritual Blindness (8:1-21)

Discussion Questions

(1) Why are we so slow to learn and so quick to forget the wonders of God?

(2) How does knowing God worked for your good in previous situations offer hope in your present needs?

(3) What acts of God’s faithfulness in the past do you remember? How does that strengthen your faith for future faithfulness of God?

(4) How often do we want or ask God to perform yet another miracle or answer another prayer before we will believe or praise him (63)? (Think about the “shoebox God” strategy.)

(5) In what areas do you need God to soften your heart?

(6) What are some “respectable sins” (little sins) we have in our lives that we need to cast out and abstain from? What are some ways we can help one another in preventing and avoiding these sins? When was the last time you examined your heart? Ask God to bring clarity to the “little sins” in your life and that the Holy Spirit will bring conviction of sin and reassurance of forgiveness.

(7) Jesus is consistently described as compassionate and being moved with compassion. How does the compassion of Jesus encourage you today?

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5 replies
  1. Pauline Eldridge
    Pauline Eldridge says:

    For me, it’s not so much that I don’t believe God can do what I think I need, but it’s that I wonder if He will. I think that’s where being reminded of His constant compassion helps me to be confident, in my better moments, that even if He chooses not to move in the way I pray He will, He is still working all things together for my good. I’m like a child struggling to learn that Father knows best.

    • Rose Booth
      Rose Booth says:

      Amen! We can’t comprehend the sureness and faithfulness of God. It’s hard to fathom it because I’m not always sure and faithful.

  2. Brandon Pisacrita
    Brandon Pisacrita says:

    How quick am I to forget what Christ has done to provide for me, that I think in my present situations he’s forgotten me. Too often, I need a sign , while really I’m just overlooking the blessings God has right in front of me. I can trust that the shedding of Christ blood offers forgiveness for my big sins and my little sins. This reminds me to be real with one another in accountability with regard to little sins.

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