Day 14: Jesus Does All Things Well! (7:24-37)

Discussion Questions

(1) Jesus’ power to save extends to all classes of people. Why do we, then, find ourselves thwarting God’s Kingdom advancement by ignoring certain people groups with the gospel due to our unwillingness to leave our comfort zones?

(2) Jesus’ interaction with the woman from Tyre expresses how much Jesus did for those who were seen as enemies. How, then, should we not be praying for our enemies just the same while hoping they receive Jesus as their Redeemer.

(3) Whom does God have you praying and evangelizing this year?

(4) Have you ever deemed someone outside the redemption of Jesus?

(5) How are you being led outside your comfort zone?

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3 replies
  1. Brandon Pisacrita
    Brandon Pisacrita says:

    The gospel is for all people. I don’t choose with whom I think is worthy. I must sow gospel seeds- I will never look into the eyes of someone God does not love, therefore I should be ready to share Christ.

  2. Gabriel Hinerman
    Gabriel Hinerman says:

    This Mark study has been so good! I’m drawn to the authority and compassion of Jesus. Jesus went out of his way to dangerous and uncomfortable places to share the gospel with all types of people. I’m convinced that I’ve allowed myself to become too comfortable in not sharing the gospel with my neighbors during the COVID months. I still need to look for opportunities to be present in their lives and sow gospel seeds.

    • Pauline Eldridge
      Pauline Eldridge says:

      Amen, Gabriel. This is a great study and full of insight. I’m so thankful for the wisdom God has given our pastor. I also know what you mean about the Covid months. It has allowed me to embrace my introvertedness even more. I’ve grown comfortable avoiding people I don’t know while at the same time missing those I was close to before the pandemic.

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