Day 11: Penetrating the Darkness (6:1-29)

Discussion Questions

(1) Would Jesus be amazed by our great faith or the lack thereof? (pg. 44)

(2) In “Living it Out” Pastor Cook mentions that there is no reward promised for us in this life. How does that counter the culture’s health, wealth, and prosperity message and those who are “living their best life now”? Are we willing to die with Christ so we might be raised with him in glory? (pp. 45-46)

(3) How can these truths help us to reorder our priorities and live by faith?

(4) Does your familiarity with the gospel keep you from sharing?

(5) True repentance results in turning from sin to seeking obedience to God in love. How can one help others understand what true repentance is when sharing the gospel?

(6) Jesus marvels at unbelief and belief; would Jesus marvel at our belief or unbelief?

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3 replies
  1. Craig Shuff
    Craig Shuff says:

    I was struck by the observation that Herod feared John (v.20), though John was armed only with the Word and Spirit. Yet Herod’s fear of his wife (v.17) was a greater fear, such that he would not repent at the prophetic word of John. A sobering reality that only the fear of God can save, and yet we all too often give in to fear of man and forfeit God’s blessings. May we truly seek repentance and find in Jesus all that we’re looking for!

  2. Brandon Pisacrita
    Brandon Pisacrita says:

    1.) Jesus empowers us through His spirit to fulfill our ministry. We learn to trust God’s providential care.
    2.) John’s life is another reminder that our life for Christ is not promised comfort, however, Nothing compares to the hope of Heaven–
    3.) Daily, I should count the cost for following Christ. Am I am so saturated with the things of Christ that people notice a difference in me? If so, am I faithfully sharing the gospel with the ones in my sphere of influence?

  3. Ginger W
    Ginger W says:

    Packer says repentance is changing our mind in a way that changes our living. We live out what we believe, so when we truly embrace God’s perspective of sin and holiness, our choices and behavior will reflect that.

    I wonder why Jesus said “unclean” spirits instead of evil spirits. Also curious that Herod and “some” thought John rose from the dead. No one had risen from the dead before, so how could such a thought even occur to them?

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