Day 1: Jesus Christ, The Son of God (1:1-20)

Discussion Questions

(1) Why is Jesus the One worth following (c.f 1:1, top of paragraph 2)?

(2) “Now, with the veil torn, we can more fully approach God the Father because of the intercession of Jesus.” What is the significance of this truth (c.f. 1:10; 15:38, 3 paragraph pg. 3)?

(3) What hinders you from following God immediately in full obedience (c.f. 1:18, pg. 4)?

(4) Will you commit to 40 days with Jesus?

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    JOE MAUPIN says:

    As with Ginger we appreciated the ‘golden nugget ‘ of the veil being torn at Jesus baptism and at His death. Also the comparison of Israel being in the wilderness for 40 years and failing God, and Christ being in the wilderness for 40 days and being obedient to God. We really appreciate our Pastor….

  2. Brandon Pisacrita
    Brandon Pisacrita says:

    I resonated with the immediacy of Peter, Andrew, James and John following Jesus. Jesus called me and I followed Him. The conviction is how immediate am I following in the day to day–or is it a delayed obedience.
    I appreciate the importance of discipleship. Jesus is intentional to pour into these guys. It makes me thankful for those whom God has placed in my life that discipled me and those are discipling me now–

  3. Rose Booth
    Rose Booth says:

    Whenever I read about John the Baptist it is always a reminder of his role in preparing the way for Jesus. I loved how it was pointed out The Baptist means the messenger and the voice. We’re all called to be a gospel messenger and voice to those who need to know the gospel.

  4. Michael Knight
    Michael Knight says:

    I am so thankful for the intercession of Jesus. Without it, I would not have an advocate speaking to God on my behalf when I sin and need him the most. I am excited for this church-wide study in Mark and I look forward to reading and interacting with y’all as the Spirit leads us to follow God more faithfully.

  5. Phil and Terri
    Phil and Terri says:

    In today’s reading, our personal discussion focused on the word immediately. Often times we do follow In obedience to Christ but we follow on our time line. It was a beautiful reminder today of the importance and urgency of the Kingdom work.

  6. Ginger W
    Ginger W says:

    Very interesting observation that Mark has bookends of heavens torn open when Jesus’ earthly ministry began and veil torn open when His redemptive work was finished. Makes me eager for the day when the heavens will be torn open again when He returns!

    • Pauline Eldridge
      Pauline Eldridge says:

      Ginger, that was what stood out to me the most today also. I had never heard anyone point that out before. I love the imagery of how it is God’s doing each time. He goes to great lengths to tear away all the barriers that keep us from Him.

      • Beckham Eldridge
        Beckham Eldridge says:

        I too was struck by the imagery of the bookends. My thoughts went to the idea that at Jesus’ Baptism, God tore open the heavens to Jesus the man. Then at His crucifixions, he finishes the tearing so that Heaven is now open to all who believe.


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