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Weekly Church Calendar during COVID-19 Pandemic
See below for links to YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom.


8:15 AM: In-person Worship

10:30 AM: In–person Worship with simultaneous Livestream

12:15 AM: In-person Worship

3:00 PM: High School Hangout via Zoom

4:00 PM: Middle School Hangout via Zoom

6:15 PM: Adult BFGs via Zoom

2:00 PM: Kid’s Activity on Facebook

4:00 PM: Middle School & High School Hangout via Zoom

7:00 PM: The Breakout at the Brown’s Barn

6:30 AM: Friday Morning French Roast with the Fellas

8:00 AM: Youth BFG & C-group Teaching Videos available for viewing on YouTube

12:00 PM: Preschool & Kid’s BFG Teaching Video available for viewing on YouTube

Church wide activities in blue; Adult activities in red; Kids & Preschool activities in Green; Activities for all youth (middle and high school) in magenta; Middle School activities in bold navy; High School activities in orange; College & Singles activites in black

Click below to learn how the various ministries will function during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NAOBC resumed in-person worship on Sunday, May 24.  Click “Sunday Morning Worship” below or view the video by clicking here for more information.  Click here to download a PDF outlining our re-entry plan.

Thank you for checking out Ninth & O Baptist Church!

We would like to invite you to experience our worship service on Sundays by livestream starting at 10:30 AM.

If you are a guest and not a member of a Bible Fellowship Group and would like to join a virtual Bible Study, please contact our Small Groups Pastor, Blake Ring.  He will get you added to a group, as soon as possible.  Groups are meeting online Sundays from 9:30 AM to 10:20 AM.

For additional information, please contact Pastor Tommy Sims.

Click here to download the Church Center app, our new online church directory.  Once you download and connect your account (instructions here), please take a moment to check your contact information and update it if necessary.

We will continue our Sunday morning worship gatherings at 10:30 AM via YouTube live stream for the foreseeable future.  These services will consist of music, prayer, Scripture readings, and preaching.  To access the live stream, click here.

In-person worship resumed on Sunday, May 24, with three 45-minute services at 8:15, 10:30, and 12:15.  The worship center seating has been rearranged to maximize space while maintaining distancing.  Additionally, several overflow rooms will be utilized.  Families will worship together as childcare and children’s activities will not yet resume. Adult BFGs will be assigned to each of the three services, and each family is asked to register in advance for the service they’ll attend to help us be best prepared for the number of people attending (click here to register).

For additional information regarding the reopening of in-person worship, please watch the update here.

For further information, please contact Pastor Craig.

Our Bible Fellowship Groups are currently gathering online Sunday mornings at 6:15 PM.

Transitioning our BFGs online is a considerable undertaking. We appreciate your prayers and patience as we work through this process.

If you have addition questions or comments, please contact Pastor Blake.

Pastor Ryan will be uploading a BFG lesson each week to our website and our closed Facebook group NAOBC Kids.  This will be a video of Pastor Ryan teaching the lesson just like the kids were in class.

Discussion questions will also be uploaded for every family to use, as well as activity pages the kids can do. Any activities or crafts that could be fun for families to do if they have the supplies will also be uploaded.

While your child is doing their lesson, snap a few pictures and post them to our Facebook closed group or email them to Pastor Ryan. We are hoping these pictures encourage each of you as to the people who your child will be in BFG with.

Each week there will be a coloring page for your child to complete. After your child completes this coloring page, scan a copy of it with your phone and send it to Pastor Ryan. They will be printed and will displayed in our children’s hallway. When we come back together we can see all the things we learned while we were away.

We will also be having one activity a week for parents to participate in on Facebook. These will be things such as family trivia or scavenger hunts. Check the website, Facebook, or email for details. The winner each week will win an Amazon gift card.

Contact Pastor Ryan for details on how to access the protected resource page on our website. You may request to join our Facebook group on Facebook or email Pastor Ryan or Ms. Beth for access.

For further information, please contact Pastor Ryan.

NAOBC Youth Live

NAOBC Youth Live is our new online Youth Ministry platform. Here you will find links to all of our BFG lessons, take home materials for students and families, and instructions on how to participate in our online hangouts. Below, you can find additional information on each components of NAOBC Youth Live.


Saturdays at 8 AM every week, we will release videos containing a BFG lesson on our new YouTube channel. We will also provide a link in the description below each video to download that week’s lessons.  The BFG lesson will cover the same material as the parents’ lesson (for those doing the Gospel Project) adapted for a student audience. Discussion of these lessons will occur during our Sunday Zoom hangouts.

Take Home Material

In addition to the lesson videos, we will provide materials to assist students and families as they discuss and reflect on the content of each lesson. These materials included family discussion guides for the BFG lessons and reflection sheets for the C-group lessons. You can download all these materials as PDFs under the Take Home Material tab on NAOBC Youth Live.

Online Hangouts

We are committed to providing safe and secure online meeting spaces for our students and adult leaders during this season. Towards that end, we will host several Zoom hangouts during the week. The purpose of these meetups is to discuss the content of that week’s lessons, pray for one another, and have times of fellowship. You can find additional details and all the requisite links to access these hangouts under the Online Hangouts tab on the NAOBC Youth Live site.

For more information, please contact Pastor Drew.


The Singles and College BFGs will continue at 9:30 AM via Zoom.  We realize that this may cause some issues with those serving during the in-person worship, but hopefully this won’t last too much longer.  This will leave open the evenings for you to hangout with each other (within CDC, Kentucky, and Indiana recommendations).

The Breakout at the Brown’s Barn 

Each winter and summer break, our singles and college have traditionally done a bible study together along with fellowships mid-week. Well, with Covid-19 we are still going to do this, but it will look a little different.  While following CDC and Kentucky recommendations, we will be doing what we have called “the break” in the past at the Brown’s home. So what is the Big Plan? The “Break”… out at the Brown’s Barn! Yup! We will have groups of 10 or fewer on Wednesday nights from 7:00–9:00ish inside our Garage/Barn. We will enjoy prepackaged sweets and salty snacks along with games that maintain social distancing. This will also be a time of sharing testimony and catching up with everyone. We will be calling you soon to schedule each night.

What if I Can’t do Wednesday NIghts?

  • We are working with our leaders for alternative times for individuals and groups.
  • We are hosting Friday Morning French Roast with the Fellas. This will be in the month of June on Friday mornings from 6:30–8:30.  We will have Starbucks coffee and a breakfast item from a local restaurant. Reservations will be taken to make sure we order the correct amount of people and food/drinks.

Contact Philip Brown for more information.

4401 Breckenridge Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40218|502.493.3939|INFO@NAOBC.ORG

4401 Breckenridge Lane

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