Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups gather weekly at 6:30 on Wednesday Nights beginning January 11. These groups are designed to help you develop and grow in your faith and walk with the Lord no matter where you currently are in that walk. Discipleship groups are cross-generational and provide us the opportunity to strengthen and develop relationships with folks of the same gender.

Our Women’s Groups are reading Everyday Faithfulness and A Place to Belong this semester. Men’s groups are going through The Gospel at Work and Imperfect Disciple.

Order: Everyday Faithfulness | A Place to Belong | The Gospel at Work | Imperfect Disciple

January 11 – Meet/Greet/Catch-up Fellowship

January 18 – Everyday Faithfulness Introduction and Ch. 1

January 25 –Everyday Faithfulness, Chs. 2&3

February 1 – Everyday Faithfulness, Ch. 4

February 8 –Everyday Faithfulness, Ch. 5

February 15 – Everyday Faithfulness, Ch. 6

February 22 –Everyday Faithfulness, Ch. 7

March 1 – Everyday Faithfulness, Ch. 8

March 8 – Everyday Faithfulness, Ch. 9

March 15 – A Place to Belong, Introduction and Ch. 1

March 22 – A Place to Belong, Chs. 2-3

March 29 – A Place to Belong, Chs. 4-5


April 12 – A Place to Belong, Chs. 6-7

April 19 – A Place to Belong, Chs. 8-9

April 26 – Make-up, Fellowship

January 11 – Meet/Greet/Catch-up Fellowship

January 18 – The Gospel at Work Introduction and Ch. 1

January 25 –The Gospel at Work, Chs. 2-3

February 1 – The Gospel at Work, Ch. 4-5

February 8 –The Gospel at Work, Ch. 6

February 15 – The Gospel at Work, Ch. 7-8

February 22 –The Gospel at Work, Ch. 9-10

March 1 – The Gospel at Work, Ch. 11-Conclusion

March 8 – The Imperfect Disciple, Introduction and Ch. 1

March 15 – The Imperfect Disciple, Chs. 2-3

March 22 – The Imperfect Disciple, Chs. 4-5

March 29 – The Imperfect Disciple, Chs. 6-7


April 12 – The Imperfect Disciple, Chs. 8-9

April 19 – The Imperfect Disciple, Chs. 10-Conclusion

April 26 – Make-up, Fellowship

People of the Word Bible Reading Plan

Read the Bible with us in 2023!

One of our core values at Ninth & O is truth. Jesus prayed in John, “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.” (John 17:17). Reading God’s Word is vital for a disciple of Jesus. We will be reading through the F260 Bible Reading Plan this year. This particular plan doesn’t go through the entire Bible but through 260 foundational chapters focusing on Israel’s history, the Messiah’s coming and ministry, and his final instructions for his disciples so that we might more faithfully love God and walk in his ways.

Read through it with your family or get a group from your Bible Fellowship Group, Discipleship Group, or ministry serving team to read together for encouragement and accountability.

If you get behind, keep going! Rather than give up or feel like you must read half the Bible in a week to get caught up, jump back in wherever we are on the schedule. The reading plan schedule is for five days a week with two rest or make-up days. If you get behind, jump back in wherever the program is and start again. The point is not perfection but spending time with God.

Next Level Participation

There are three more ways you can elevate your F260 experience.

1. Memorize
You’ll notice on the plan that each week has two suggested memory verses. Try to memorize a handful throughout the year.

2. Journal
The creators of the F260 reading plan suggest journaling after your reading for the day. They recommend the H.E.A.R. journaling method.

H (Highlight)
E (Explain)
A (Apply)
R (Respond)

Example based off Philippians 4:10-13
H (Highlight) – “I am able to do all things through him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13)
E (Explain) – Paul was telling the church at Philippi that he has discovered the secret of contentment. No matter the situation in Puals’ life, he realized that Christ was all he needed, and Christ was the one who strengthened him to persevere through difficult times.
A (Apply) – In my life, I will experience many ups and downs. My contentment is not found in circumstances. Rather, it is based on my relationship with Jesus Christ. Only Jesus gives me the strength I need to be content in every circumstance of life.
R (Respond) – Lord Jesus, please help me as I strive to be content in you. Through your strength, I can make it through any situation I must face.

3. Devotionalbles
Devotionables are brief devotions for busy people released by Ninth & O on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts or watch the videos on YouTube. Our devotions will follow the F260 Bible Reading Plan this year.  Learn more at devotionables.com


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