College & Singles News: March 30th-April 6th

College & Singles Outside Worship Night and Cookout:

On April 10th at 6 pm, the College & Singles BFGs will get together to share a meal together and worship the Lord together! This will be a great night of fellowship and an opportunity to get to know more people in our church. Pastor Philip will be providing hamburgers and hotdogs, the Singles BFG will be providing the sides. Contact Melanie Cox if you would like to bring a side dish. The cookout and worship session will be located on the church lawn.

Good Friday:

Good Friday – April 15 at 6:30 & 8:00 pm REGISTRATION is required.


Easter is a holiday of hope. Experience Easter at Ninth & O as we consider the most game-changing event in history that can give us all hope. We’ll enjoy vibrant worship, and Dr. Cook will tell us how a cross and an empty tomb from more than 2,000 years ago can give each of us hope today.

Easter Sunday – April 17 at 9:00 & 10:45 am (NO Registration required. Please attend the service you usually attend.)

There will be no College or Singles BFGs on Easter!

Business Meeting:

The first business meeting of the year will be on Wednesday (TONIGHT), March 30, at 6:15 pm in the Fellowship Hall (114).

Great Commission Offering:

The GCO is a missions-giving campaign that begins in December and culminates on Easter Sunday. Through the GCO, we support an array of missions efforts occurring locally, nationally, and globally.

The GCO provides us great flexibility in how we allocate our missions dollars by allowing us to support missions efforts historically important to us as Southern Baptists (i.e., Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering) while also giving to other missions efforts our congregation is specifically passionate about (i.e., Reaching & Teaching, Love the Ville, 5 Loaves, SOS Ministries).

Our 2022 GCO goal is $106,000. Give TODAY!

Areas of Service:

If you are looking to serve the Church in any way, we have lots of openings OR  we will make an opening for you! Please talk to your BFG leader or an intern in your Singles/College group if you would like to be connected to areas of service!!

Singles Group:

  • BFG (Bible Fellowship Group) Sunday Morning 10:30 AM, RM 202
  • Sunday Worship: 9:00 AM

No Wednesday activities on April 6th. 

No BFG on Easter- April 17th. 

College Group:

  • BFG (Bible Fellowship Groups) Sunday Morning 9:00 AM, RM 202
  • Sunday Worship: 10:30 AM

No College Night this Sunday- April 3rd!

No Wednesday activities on April 6th. 

No BFG of College Night on Easter- April 17th.

College BFG End of the Semester Cookout and Games!

On May 1st at 6 pm, we will have our College BFG end-of-the-year party!!! We will have food, outdoor games, and fellowship. This is not just a “College Night” event. Everyone from the College BFG is invited! Invite all your friends to come as well!! We are hoping to play sand volleyball, spike ball, frisbee, gaga ball…etc. We can’t wait to have a night to have fun and reflect on all the memories made and lessons the Lord has taught us this past year.


Our Week in the Word comes from Gabe Hinerman, Ninth & O’s Communication Pastor.

We Don’t Talk About …You Know


In a house full of girls, we listen to a lot of Disney songs. I mean, all day, every day. The latest craze is the Encanto soundtrack which even those without kids undoubtedly have heard. One track on the album is the song called, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” Bruno is the black sheep family member who supposedly is the source of family trouble and drama. So, the family has decided not to talk about him rather than work through the family issues. It’s a fun song that quickly becomes an earworm.


If this song were to become a church parody, the title would be We Don’t Talk About…You Know. Far too many of us live by this mantra in our church communities.

We give our brothers and sisters the holy stiff-arm avoiding relational vulnerability, content to be known only at the surface level or through our social media pages.


In our prayer groups, we ask for prayers regarding our upcoming Greek vocab quizzes (or Hebrew – Dr. Howell!). Perhaps we may request prayer for Aunt Frieda’s cat Audrey, but to unveil something going on deeper in our hearts is, well, we don’t talk about…you know. 


As our Discipleship Groups have been working through Ed Welch’s book, Side by Side, one thing the Lord continues to impress upon me is my need to be more open and vulnerable with others. I don’t like it. It often is awkward and uncomfortable. But, the Lord wants to help us grow, and one of the primary helps he gives us is each other! Yet, if I don’t open up, how can I possibly receive the help the Lord is offering? I’m trying to make a greater effort at revealing my heart so that others may walk side-by-side with me. Hopefully, by my example, they will be more willing to share with me. And maybe we’ll get to be a church that we can talk about…you know, with grace and truth. Let’s be willing to bear one another’s burdens, and share our burdens with our brothers and sisters (Galatians 6:2).

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