Why Don’t We Pray More?

by Josh Graves

Greetings all, I hope you all are having a wonderful week. As I thought about prayer this week I had to ask my self, “is my prayer life what it should be?” Now for most of us, in our humility, we would say no, and we would be right. But how do we know our prayer life isn’t enough? Is there some standard that says if you pray this much then your prayer life would be what it should be? For me to answer the question “is my prayer life what it should be” I had to first examine my fruit. But why my fruit? After all prayer is not a fruit, right? Well, prayer indeed is not a fruit or at least shouldn’t be treated that way. I say that because fruit is meant to be displayed so that its beauty might catch the eye of the eater, thus allowing the trees purpose to be fulfilled. The purpose of any fruit tree is to produce fruit. There is a story in the bible where Jesus saw a fig tree from afar so he went to it to collect some fruit. But when he got there he found no fruit so he cursed the tree. The disciples were their when he did it and when they returned the next day they were surprised to see that the leaves had withered. Jesus said in John 15:5 “I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.” The bible teaches that our purpose is to Glorify God, and the way we do that is by bearing much fruit. The only way we can produce fruit is if we are connected to the true vine who is Christ. Apart from him we can do nothing. So why should we examine our fruit? The answer is because the Bible teaches that apart from Christ we can’t produce fruit. We should be able to look at our fruit and tell how connected we are to Christ. If you look at the fruit in your life and you, like me, are not satisfied, then what more of a reason do we need to pray. If Christ abides in us then we ought to do are part in abiding in him as his word says. Prayer is unlike fruit in that it is not meant to be displayed for all to see. The roots of a tree though equally important to the whole tree, remains hidden just below the surface. Prayer is not something that we should boast in or display for all to see. Jesus, in Matt 23, spoke against the scribes and Pharisees for praying long prayers just to be seen by man. Though the roots of a tree are hidden, and have no beauty in which we marvel in, the tree could not live without them, for it would fall over and die. As believers we should go to our closets and pray to God in secret, and he who hears us in secret will reword us. When we begin to pray this way we are stretching our roots deep into the soil of the Word, which enables us to stand strong through the storms of life and produce much fruit. Prayer is not easy, but in the end it is the means by which we grow in Christ and glorify our great God. The only way that our prayer life can be all it should be is if we keep stretching our roots deeper into the soil of God’s word. Pray continually; do not give up, and in the end we will produce much God glorifying fruit. Amen

Come Join us Feb. 7th as we continue studying the parables.   This week we look at the Parable of the Hidden Treasure.   What is priceless to you?

Visit back next week for an intro. to the Parable of the Prodigal Son!

History of the Earth

Come join us this week (Jan 24th) for a look at a Biblical view of the Earth. What does the Bible say about ; when the earth began, the reason behind its beginnings and what the future will be for us and this planet on which we live!


In our world today we are bombarded by “supernatural” lingo from every corner. Many of us grew up with Scooby and the Ghostbusters and now we are confronted with psychics that claim they know our Grandmaw! What does scripture say about this and what really happens when we die!  Click below for video!!

REALITY 1/17/08 7:00 pm


Over ten years ago REALITY was started in the home of Jeff Elieff for singles that could not make it for weekly services and A.B.F. classes due to serving in other ministries. The Bible study centered on relevant Bible Study for singles and genuine fellowship. REALITY grew to the point that the decision was made to move to a Barn that formerly stood on the church facilities. Frequently referred to as simply , ‘The Barn’, it was home to REALITY for about four years until the new educational wing was completed in Oct of 2005. The years……continue

Singles Adopted

seniorsingle.jpgNinth and O Baptist Church has opened its arms to the Single Adults in 2007. The Adopt a Single program at Ninth and O started in the late summer months following the Second Annual 4th of July Seniors/Singles Celebration. This program is designed to spark fellowship beyond age-graded ministries. Over a dozen singles have been adopted and in 2008 more adoptions are expected.
The program was initiated by the experience I had during my college days at UT Martin and FBC Martin. First Baptist Church flourished in their ministry to college students and one of their ways to reach out to them was the Adopt-A-Student program. It was a home away from home for me. The family that adopted me loved me unconditionally and prayed for me regularly.(let’s not forget the home-cooked meals)

The families involved in Adopt a Single are asked to simply get together with your adopted single at least one time a month and pray for them on a regular basis. The program is a benefit to both singles and seniors. The singles receive timeless wisdom and the seniors are blessed with ministry and young and spirited singles.

If you are a member of Ninth and O and would like to Adopt a Single or be adopted please contact me at

Serve and be served…….

“A family of freinds driven by our faith in Christ”