What To Do On Derby Weekend!



2015 Fall Retreat

“Am I as a college student/single really needed to serve in my church when it seems to be running so smoothly without me now?”

Come join us on our fall retreat as we look into why we need you to serve the body of Ninth and O and discover ways you can be used.

October 9-10

Crossings Cedarmore in Bagdad, KY


Contact our leadership team for information on how to sign-up.

2015 Derby Party



Join us for The Walking Derby on May 2 from 5:00-7:00 pm. We will be playing a little game that we all know as Assassins but with a little twist. We will have food and fun in rooms 231 and 233 around the 2-minute race. Feel free to dress as you wish…the infield or the stands…its up to you!



SingleOUT is a lesson series on the various relationships we have a Christian Single Adults. Each lesson we examine a different relationship such as God, church, family, peers, work, and dating. Each relationship is different, but they all begin and end with the love God has for us. Click the logo below to head over to the audio of each lesson. Our hope and prayer is that this lesson series defines our singles ministry at Ninth and O Baptist Church.



The Gospel is for Everyday

As Christians we continue to battle against our sins. God makes no promises that when we become his children that life will become easy or that we will instantly overcome the trials of this world. Instead, Christ has broken the chains of sin on our lives. He promises us that we do not have to sin, but that we are given the power to not sin by leaning on Christ’s victory in the cross. The Gospel (death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ) frees us from being slaves to sin. The Gospel is not something we only need to look to once in our lives, but we need to look to it every day of our lives. It gives us peace, true peace, in a world of sin, pain, and brokenness.

“Home Alone” for Christmas

home-aloneOne of my favorite movies of all time is the first “Home Alone”.   It’s one of those movies I could watch over and over.   From Kevin’s mom screaming his name to the “wet bandits”  trying to break into the house,  it is full of one liners and great moments.    At the beginning of the movie, Kevin is not really concerned that he is home alone, it is his family.   To Kevin, he has it made.   Nobody is telling him what to do and no brother is around to bother him.   He is in heaven!   But soon, Kevin realizes that this freedom is not what it is all cracked up to be.  He actually misses them.

The same can be said for single adults.   This time of the year, many singles are left “home alone” and it doesn’t seem so bad till it’s actually Christmas.     In a culture where we seem to idolize individuals,  Christmas reminds us that being alone, at the bottom or the top, is not what it is all cracked up to be.  See, we were created to be relational.   That is why being alone at Christmas stinks!   It’s supposed to!      Eccl. 4:9-11 reminds us that it is pitiful to be alone.      We were created in the image of God and that god-head is three persons.   They are never alone.  They are so close that we worship one God.   So if we are created by a relational God, we should naturally desire fellowship with others made in that image. (Gen 1:27).

This is not a reminder that you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend,  this is to remind you that you need other human beings!    Proverbs reminds us that “iron sharpens iron”.   And in the Gospels, Acts, and Paul’s letter we are reminded multiple times how important the local church is in our walk with Christ.    Many of you may be thinking right now that it is just easier to be alone.   But that is the point!    I’ve always been reminded by my life’s circumstances that those things that are the most important in life, are worth fighting for.     The people that you probably miss the most can also be the ones you wish you were with you this Christmas season and there are a lot of you out there that can speak from personal testimony off loss.   Don’t miss this Christmas!  It could be your last chance to have it with a loved one.

So my comfort to you as a single this Christmas season is that,  if you find yourself alone on Christmas, and have moments of feeling lonely – don’t feel like you are weak.   No…YOU ARE HUMAN!

My challenge is for you to find someone to have Christmas with (ending with preposition on purpose).   If you are a believer and have a church home, call one of the church leaders and ask if there is someone they know that might be alone this Christmas too.     And finally,  if someone has invited you over for Christmas, don’t try to be holier than thou….GO!

Hoping all have a Christ -Centered and “Unalone” Christmas!

Philip Brown

College and Singles Pastor – Ninth and O Baptist Church

I’m a Christian, Single, New to Louisville & Need a Church Home

We are glad you were able to find this blog because you probably meet the description in this post’s title.     For many rookies to the city it can be hard to search through all the websites of the local churches and try to pick the one that looks (in print) to be  the best fit for you.   We want you to find that place soon, so that you can continue to grow in your relationship with Christ.    We know that our church will not meet all the needs of every person that is searching for a church home, but we want to be a place that facilitates and is a catalyst for you to find that place of fellowship, service and worship.

We would love for you to come visit us at Ninth and O Baptist Church and we would be happy to even answer any questions you might have about what type of church we are right here on this blog.   If the church does not seem to fit your desire, we will be glad to offer you churches that we know that fit closer to what you are looking for.

Our Church Web-Site-  www.naobc.org

Our Church Faceb00k link – https://www.facebook.com/#!/NAOBC

Our Singles Facebook link – https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/naobc/

Summer 2010 Prayer Focus

Ninth and O Singles have put a concerted effort to focus… many of our Bible Studies and activities around the act and discipline of prayer. This summer many of you have been apart of our Sunday morning Bible Studies that are going through a series on Prayer. So why are focusing our efforts on prayer? We are for multiple reasons, but most of all because we are called to by Christ to do so. Secondly, we have focused on this aspect of our christian walk bacause of it being essential in our lives. Finally, we are going through this study because it can be one of the hardest disciplines. I believe this to be true because our advesary knows how powerful prayer can be.

As pastor of our Single Adults, I would ask you to do three things.

1. Get involved in our Sunday Morning Bible Studies (BFGs) so that you can be challenged  and receive accountable for your prayer life

2. Stop and Pray right now.

3. Fill out this form that will help us guage our single adults on their prayer life. You will not be asked for your name. (Click Here)

Because of Him,

Philip D. Brown

The Server – Up and Running

The Server - Up and Runnung

In our world filled with technology, our generation has acquired a new vocabulary.   From your desktop or laptop to the newest smartphone, we are all challenged to learn not only what’s new but how to use it and maintain our latest piece of technology.

The current REALITY lesson series compares and contrasts the computer server and how we, as Christians, are called to be “Servers – Up and Running”.  (Romans 12)

What is REALITY?  It is a praise and worship service just for singles.  College students… working professionals… people from every walk of life join together, to strengthen the community.  We dedicate this time to worshiping our Savior and learning from the Word.

REALITY is held on Wednesdays.  Everyone should arrive around 7:00 PM and we will begin at 7:15 PM.

The Server – Up and Running
Series Dates April 14- May 26
(April 28th- No Reality)

Philip Brown, Associate Pastor (Singles)
4401 Breckenridge Ln.
Louisville, KY 40218
(502) 493-3939
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