Fall 2019 Singles Retreat (September 20 – 21, 2019)

Register now for the 2019 Fall Singles Retreat. Early Bird rate is only $50. We will be will be leaving the concrete jungle and enjoying a retreat in the country at Camp Shaffer near Owensboro, Kentucky. Friday afternoon and Saturday there will be 3 sessions looking at the Living Water in John’s Gospel followed Saturday afternoon in the water of the Rough River with your choice of boat (Kayak/Conoe). Bus will leave at 3:00 PM on Friday and Return Saturday at 9:00 PM. Carpooling is allowed for those who want to drive themselves.

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Fall 2018 – “The Break”

Join us on Wednesday nights at 7 pm in Room 231 and get to know our Ninth and O pastors and families.   We are excited to have our pastors and their families to join us for some food and fellowship around their favorite snack.     We will spend some time with some fun Q and A along with plenty of hangout time.

11/21/2018 – No Break due to Thanksgiving 

11/28/2018 –  Dr. Blake Ring (Missions and Education Pastor)

12/5/2018 – Ryan Morris (Children’s Pastor)

12/12/2018 – Tommy Sims (Connections Pastor)

12/19/2018 – Drew Smith (Youth Pastor)

12/26/2018- No Break due to Christmas

1/2/2018 – No Break due to  New Years

1/9/2018 – Craig Shuff (Worship Pastor)

Summer 2018

Co-Ed Softball

Sign ups for the Ninth and O Ninjas are open.    The sign up sheet should be going around during the next 2 weeks of BFG.   The cost is $20 / person or $30 / person if you do not have a t-shirt.    The games will be on Monday nights at Seneca Park.


This summer starting on Wednesday night, June 6, we will be going through and evangelism training called “3 Circles”.   Here are the 6 dates for the series.

June 6

June 13

June 27

July 11

July 18

July 25

We will start each night at 7 pm.



Thursday Nights @ 7 pm Starting Nov 30, 2017

As more and more of you get your vacation time or winter break started, I wanted to let you in on a little last minute amendment to the plans.   As we have been listening to individuals and small group discussion after church, we realized that we needed something during the break between Sunday Nights and Wednesday nights and also between many of your school winter breaks.   As you well know we have done combined small groups in the summer and it has gone really well over the past few years.    In that light, we are looking forward to more of the same this winter break (and possibly more in the future).   I have decided to call these sessions “theBreak” since it is break from small groups and many students have a break as well.

In today’s day and age, your ancestry can be an eye-opener for who you really are. In the same wayChurch of Christ

your church ancestry is no less important. As a member of the family of God we all struggle to know
how we fit into this family tree and know how other leaves are connected to us. We are taking this
winter break to a look at how God has placed us, for such a time as this, in the history of His church and
this local body at Ninth and O. We will look at everything from giftedness to church history in very
practical way.

Nov 30, Dec 7,14, and later in January

The Finals Season

I remember those days very clearly.    I was taking that last final and heading 7 hours across Tennessee, to make it home by Midnight at my parents home.   I remember waking up the next morning and realizing that I was back home but what was I going to do?   I was going to eat momma’s food,  give mom my dirty clothes and then go watch tv.   Well if that is you, I empathize with you this holiday season.    The reality is that this is not just college students that struggle with this issue, but all of us.  It is the issue of living from one big event to the next.   We hype ourselves up for “finals” and then we are done we don’t know what to do.

I’ve been a singles and college pastor for more that 10 years now and through my personal struggle with this and through counseling young adults, I have come to realize that most of us do this because we awarding ourselves in someway thinking that the reward (of which we don’t really know what it is) is much greater on the other side of this “final” in our lives.   This final in life can be finishing school, moving to a new town, finding Mr. or Mrs. Right, or the joy of seeing having our first child.  All these things are awesome but its weird how soon the elation dampens.

So what is the cure?  What can we do to “fix” this problem?   I guess the greatest advice and lesson I can pass along to you is that this life is not ultimately about those apexes in our life’s chapters.   Yes, there is joy in the journey, but we need to realize that our joy, if Christ followers, is from our relationship with him.   So if that is the case, we should realize that when we are planning for our “finals” we shouldn’t forget about our relationship with our creator and when the “finals’ are over we can thank him for what he has given us.

Take time this Holiday/finals season to look at the bigger picture.

Colossians 3:2English Standard Version (ESV)

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.


Philip Brown

Singles and College Pastor at Ninth and O Baptist Church

2015 Fall Retreat


2015 Fall Retreat

     Oct. 9-10   Bagdad, KY

     Speakers: Gabe Hinerman & Philip Brown

     Audio from the sessions is now available on our church website.

It’s Our Time

Part of being a church member is being a productive part of the body (1 Corinthians 12:12-31). This summer Dr. Cook and the church staff will be leading us through a series on what church membership is all about. We will also be talking about this in the singles ministry at times throughout the summer, but it leads directly into the topic of our fall retreat. Begin praying and considering…

How am I serving? Am I doing my part as a part of the body of Christ?

Are you ready? Let’s get up and do our part as the body of Christ!

#UPFRONT    #2015FallRetreat

Ninjas Softball Schedule

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Co-Ed Metro League CHAMPIONS!!!!!!



None The Wiser?


The Singles class is doing a summer series on the wisdom literature of the Old Testament. There will be several different formats throughout the series (teaching, group discussions, panel discussions), but we also want to provide the opportunity for you to pose questions as you are reading through the books during the week. Send your questions in to Josh, Philip, or Neal so we can get them answered during the week or during the class time. We may even hold them for the panel discussions to get more interaction. Feel free to start discussions in the comments below on your questions as well.

It is all about walking together as we grow in wisdom of God’s Word.

The Walking Derby (Photos)