Day 30: Devotion and Treachery (14:1-11)

Discussion Questions

(1) Do you truly believe/think that nothing is worth having if you lose Jesus? (123)

(2) “One of the twelve.” Physical proximity to Jesus does not equal spiritual proximity to Jesus. How can we stay near the Lord when our hearts are prone to wander?

(3) Do you find yourself comparing your devotion/life to others? Why do we feel the need to compare ourselves with others? (122)

(4) Would your devotion/love for Jesus resemble the arguments of the disciples or the wholeheartedness of Mary of Bethany? Is your walk casual? (123)

(5) Does your devotion to Jesus make a difference in the life of others? The way you see others?

(6) How can you demonstrate extravagant devotion to God?

(7) Your devotion to God affects your giving and serving. How are you serving and supporting missions?

Day 29: Be Ready! (13:28-37)

Discussion Questions

(1) How are you keeping watch for the Lord? How can we stay awake and be ready for his coming? (119)

(2) Do you find it comforting that our only hope is our faith in God and his Word? Do we truly trust God? How does Isaiah 51:6 change our disposition about the world? About God? (118)

(3) When Christ returns will you be busy being obedient? If he returned today, will Christ find you awake and self-controlled? (119)

(4) “Waiting on Christ does not encourage idleness but service” (119). Have I checked out? Am I only trying to run out the clock or am I actively looking for service opportunities?

(5) Do you anticipate Christ’s return in your lifetime?

(6) God’s people will remain busy until Christ returns. How can we share our anticipation of his return with those we serve?

Day 28: The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Return of Christ (13:14-27)

Discussion Questions

(1) Have you always seen Jesus’ prophecy as a dual fulfillment? Do you agree? Does it help you have more confidence in Scripture?

(2) How does reading about the contrasts of Christ’s return correct your thoughts about God? Have you thought about how Jesus will come to judge the world?

(3) God’s elect are not free from suffering. How does being God’s elect help to endure suffering? (114-115)

(4) How does Jesus’ description of his return give us confidence, hope, and peace today and potentially in the darkest day at the end? (116)

(5) Pastor Cook describes the monumental contrasts between the first and second comings of Jesus. How did these contrasts strike you? Can you think of any other contrasts?

(6) Pastor reminds us of how difficult Mark 13 can be to interpret. What are some ways we can show grace toward others who may hold different interpretations on difficult passages and theology?

Day 27: Jesus Predicts the Destruction of the Temple (13:1-13)

Discussion Questions

(1) Despite the coming destruction and persecution, Jesus says the gospel must go forth. Are we being obedient with his directive today? How will we be willing to share Christ when we are persecuted if we are unwilling to do it in freedom? (110)

(2) Do we find ourselves enthused with things and buildings more than the people whom we are commanded to love and share Christ? (111)

(3) The cares and tasks of this world often distract us from the people we are to love and serve. What are some helpful tools you use to help you stay focused on God’s commission for our lives?

(4) Jesus was teaching the disciples not to fear. How does knowing Jesus is in control of the outcome calm our anxious hearts? (111)

(5) How should Christians view the hardship of the end times?

(6) People are important to Jesus. Do you love people enough to share the gospel?

Day 26: A Study in Contrast (12:35-44)

Discussion Questions

(1) Do you find yourself fearing man or in seeking man’s honor more than the honor or fear of God? Why do we trade imperishable gifts for perishable ones? (106)

(2) Do you find yourself not giving sacrificially because you feel you do not have enough worth to contribute? This can be applied to gifts of service that are often unseen or devalued as the world deems value. (106-107)

(3) Are we willing to give both financially and servantially in a sacrificial way? Until it hurts?

(4) The Bible says it’s a greater blessing to give than to receive. In what ways have you experienced this in your life? (107)

(5) Do you serve Jesus out of duty or devotion?

(6) The religious leaders were selfish, arrogant, and greedy. The widow was selfless, humble, and giving. How have you identified with both? (106)

(7) What sacrifice can you make to serve others more faithfully? (107)

Day 25: Loving God and Neighbor (12:28-34)

Discussion Questions

(1) Are we loving others, namely our neighbor, with the same love and consideration we extend to ourselves? (102)

(2) Whom are we serving in our obedience to godly living? (102)

(3) Pastor Bill says if we are to honor God with our lives, our thoughts will be saturated with God’s Word and our affections and desires aligned with a burning passion for God’s glory, a lifestyle of service to God’s people, and an evangelistic zeal for the lost. Would you say that describes your walk with God? If not, how does this convict you to pursue a right alignment with the heart of God? (103)

(4) Why are sacrifices of the heart more essential than other sacrifices? (102)

(5) Are there any areas of your spiritual life that can be described as lethargical or casual? How can we strengthen these areas? (103)

(6) Do we choose to love all or only those who are like us?

(7) How are you loving the Lord in heart, soul, mind, and strength?

(8) What are practical ways to show Christ’s love to those in your circle?

(10) One of the best ways we can love God and our neighbor is to share the gospel. What plans do you have to share Jesus this week? (103)

Day 24: Jesus on Government and Marriage (12:13-27)

Discussion Questions

(1) In what ways can we prevent ourselves from being mere readers of the Bible? How often does God’s Word change our minds and transform our hearts?

(2) Do we find ourselves guilty of using the Bible to prove our thoughts and beliefs rather than allowing the Bible to reveal its own truth?

(3) The human heart is an idol factory. We can easily make our own prominence, marriage, government, and dreams into idols. What idols are most alluring to the church? Have you elevated certain things from the position of gift to idol in your life?

(4) How can you reflect God’s love in dealing with political and governmental responsibilities?

(5) How have you experienced the transforming power of Jesus this week?

(6) Jesus rebuked those who were scholars for their biblical illiteracy. Are you finding yourselves saturated in the Word in a way that transforms your heart?

(7) God’s wisdom is clearly unparalleled. Are we seeking Jesus for our wisdom? (98)

Day 23: The Patience and Judgment of God (11:27-12:12)

Discussion Questions

(1) Why do we continue in unrepentant sin as if we, too, mistake God’s patience for permission or lack of coming punishment? (95)

(2) How are we tempted to take God’s patience for granted?

(3) Do we ever cower in darkness so we may commit sinful acts in the cover of being unseen by others? Why do we never seem to understand that God sees all we are and expects holiness even in the hidden areas of our lives? (95)

(4) Do we find ourselves impatient with others either when sharing the gospel with them or praying for them? Do we so quickly forget God’s patience with us? (96)

(5) Has Jesus repeatedly reached out to you and you still find yourself rejecting his gracious overtures? (95)

(6) How are you living that shows Jesus in your life?

(7) Are you willing to be a voice that proclaims God’s message over and over again? With whom are you willing to share Jesus this week? (96)

Day 22: When Jesus Gets Mad (11:12-26)

Discussion Questions

(1) Jesus is depicted in this passage as the eschatological judge. Do we find it difficult to see Jesus as our judge? Do we have things to be fearful of? (89)

(2) Are we faithful in repentance and forgiveness of others, or do we find ourselves harboring bitterness? If so, do we not heed the warning of Jesus that our prayers will be hindered? As God’s forgiven people, we have been forgiven so much. Why then do we allow unforgiveness to fester?

(3) Why do we find it so difficult to pray big prayers? What are some big prayers God has answered for you in the past?

(4) In what ways do you find yourself turning God’s gift into a private, materialistic gain for self, rather than in service to the Kingdom?

(5) How can we keep bitterness from becoming a detriment to our prayers? Who do you need to forgive today?

Day 21: The Triumphal Entry (11:1-11)

Discussion Questions

(1) Much like the destruction of Jerusalem, this world – including America – will see its end. In what ways do our earthly allegiances and ideologies divide our allegiance to Christ’s Kingdom and his final rule? Are we having offenses other than the gospel? Have we hindered our ability to share the gospel in our earthly endeavors? (85)

(2) Even though Jesus entered Jerusalem in fulfillment of prophecy – fully displaying his messianic identity – many people missed this historic and monumental occasion. Even today, knowing the full story of the Bible, why are so many still spiritually blinded to Jesus’ work in their lives? (87)

(3) In what ways, as Christians, do we neglect to shout, “Hosanna!”? How are we preparing ourselves each week to overflow with worship in response to Christ’s person and work? (88)

(4) Will you slow down and experience the coming Easter in a renewed sense of wonder?

(5) Why do you think Mark spent 40% of his gospel on the final week of Jesus’ life?