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Why Did Jesus Raise?

I hate leaky pipes. Not only because of the mess involved but also because I lack any of the requisite skills to fix the problem. But imagine with me, for a moment, that the next time my pipes break, I try my hand at repairing them. Obviously, taking the pipes apart is out the question, […]

Responding to Objections to the Resurrection

In our last entry, Dr. Cabal gave us a sampling of the massive amount of historical evidence for the Resurrection. As he mentioned at the end of that entry, however, skeptics have their own ways of interpreting this evidence. In this entry, we will consider some of the rival theories to the Resurrection. In the […]

Going to War for Your One

“Drew, I will never steer you wrong.” I knew it was a lie. They had told me it was a lie. He warned me it was a lie! Yet against all reason, the sheer sincerity of his voice compelled me to believe. So, when I removed my blindfold and found myself back at the starting […]

It’s Just a Phase, So Don’t Miss It

Just a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of unveiling Ninth & O’s Phase Ministry. The Phase Ministry will launch in 2019 and is our church’s attempt to lovingly and effectively come alongside parents as they fulfill their role as the primary discipler in their children’s lives. To help get everyone acquainted with Phase […]

Resting Like a Christian

Earlier this month, Dr. Wellum helpfully reminded us that labor is a gift from God to be done for His glory with our whole hearts.  For many of us this was a much needed reminder to reorient our view of work as a burden and a curse.  While it is true that some of us […]

Why We’re Baptists

As Southern Baptists from all over the world gather this week in Dallas to discuss the leadership and future of our denomination, it seems worthwhile to reflect on why we are a convention of Baptists, to begin with. What is a Baptist and why be one? Learned minds disagree on the “technical” definition of Baptist, […]

Welcome to The Beacon

Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun. Today we’re introducing a new blog called the BEACON. Though in one sense it’s not new. Those who have been around Ninth & O for years will remember the church’s weekly newsletter with the same name. The Beacon was delivered to church members’ homes and included […]